Because…Leggings? Seriously?


Dearest Amalah, Oh True Knower of Fashion Trends, This morning on The Today Show they had an awful segment on the return of LEGGINGS as a fashion hit. (Look, I’ll even provide a link with pictures!) I was especially horrified at the thought of leggings in the summer. Behold the pictures though! Leggings with mini-skirts! […]




In the Spring of 2002 my husband and I were standing in the lobby of the SPCA in Pasadena, CA when a woman walked in with the tiniest, furriest puppy on her shoulder. We were in the midst of trying to fill out an application that would indicate whether or not we were fit enough […]

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Because I Seriously Doubt Many Bunny Rabbits Have Under-Eye Dryness Problems


Amalah- I’m not much of a make-up type person. I’ve pretty much struggled with bad acne most of my life (like since age 9) but that’s for another blog. Anyway, I’ve finally found a moisturizer I like and things are going grand. Except is still seems like I’m getting a lot of dryness right around […]


The Man in the Machine


During the pre-release press frenzy of Mission Impossible: III I watched an interview with the director, J.J. Abrams, wherein he said that he had wanted to set out not to make a movie about a spy but instead a movie about a man who was a spy. Interestingly, Tom Cruise, the actor who would be […]

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Because There is Nothing More Important Than Shoes, Except Maybe Dogs. Or Babies.


Long time lurker here. Just popping in to see if that picture in the banner for the Smackdown, is really your toes. Because they’re great toes. And great floors too. So if it really is you, in your own home… what kind of flooring is that? Did you install it yourself? Thanks! Chronic Lurker and […]


Because Babies & Purses Are Pretty Much the Only Things I Know Stuff About


Hi Amy, I had a baby about four months ago. Now I’m stuck in the “I can’t wear my old clothes except for a few stretchy sweat pants and one pair of cords and one pair of my pre-five-month maternity pants that I won’t give up” place. What can you do? I don’t want to […]

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