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To submit questions to Amalah’s Advice Smackdown, please email her at amyadvice[at]gmail[dot]com. To send questions to Mir about tweens or teens submit them to alphamomteens[at]gmail[dot]com. Please refrain from sending emergency or time-sensitive questions and remember we are not a substitute for advice by a trained health care provider or parenting professional. Also, all of our responses will be published (we will remove your name); unfortunately, we do not have the bandwidth to provide personal and private responses to your questions.  

Use of Our Photos

Our photos are either proprietary (if they are used in craft and food articles/posts — see those guidelines in the next section) or they were licensed as stock imagery from Thinkstock Photos, Deposit Photos, Photodune or Stocksy. You are not permitted to copy or use the stock photos. You could put yourself at risk for copyright violations if you used the images we license from Thinkstock, Deposit Photos, Photodune and Stocksy. Contact them if you want to license images.

Use of our Photos from our Craft and Food Posts

I hate that I have to write this, but since some websites are not approaching us before using our images, let me make it very clear what our policy is…. usually if you ask to use our image from a craft or recipe post/article we allow and don’t allow the following:

  • You can use only one (1) photo from each post and that image may not be modified in any way (eg, no banners or text added to it, no removal of watermarks).
  • You must link directly to the post– and include appropriate credit– using the words “Alpha Mom.”
  • You are not allowed to list the recipe’s or craft’s supplies or tutorial (or rewrite the tutorial. That includes translation.)
  • You are not allowed to upload any of our printables to your website.
  • You are not allowed to use any photos if they are to be used in a post that is sponsored.

Using images from this site to try to leach web traffic is not cool and in some cases putting you at legal risk. If you want to share, you can do that appropriately by following the above guidelines. (If you don’t ask us for permission beforehand, we reserve the right to ask you to remove our images or intellectual property for whatever reason).

Please Be Advised:

Alpha Mom does not accept unsolicited creative ideas or materials.

 Trademark and Copyright

“Alpha Mom” is a Registered Trademark and we are its only legal owner. All text, logos, images, tutorials, and other items appearing on are copyright of Alpha Mom, LLC unless otherwise specified and may not be transferred or copied in any manner without written permission of No alterations or modifications whatsoever may be made to any of our logos, images, or tutorials without written permission. Violations will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.