I love reading all the advice on your column because I have a, what I view as, unique dilemma, and everyone around me seems to be biased one way or another, I thought I’d reach out to you and your readers for help!

I am pretty spoiled in the sense that my mom watches my 6 month old at my house every day so that I can work. The problem is that I currently have a 45 minute to an hour (depending on traffic) commute… one way. The two hours of wasted time in the car are really starting to weigh on me. My husband and I are considering moving closer to work so that I can get more time with my daughter/work out/sleep/anything other than be stuck in a car all day. Moving would inevitably mean putting my daughter in daycare instead of having my mom watch her. I am struggling with the guilt of choosing strangers to watch her vs. wanting to see her more during the week and/or have time to do other things.

I have talked myself in circles with the pros/cons and cannot seem to make a decision. Any insight would be wonderful!

Thanks in advance.
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