Hi Amy! Congrats on the new house! We also just moved, so I remember all the feelings well.

I have scoured the archives (many times, for many things) but haven’t found something that quite fits this issue. My daughter is 22 mos and I am still rocking/ nursing her to sleep for nap and nighttime. Well, I was, until I decided that to continue on my weaning crusade I would cut her nursing short – after she stopped the initial forceful suck, give her her binky, rock her for a few mins more and put her in her crib. This was going ok, even well, to the point where she wouldn’t really cry or stand up. She’d just lay there and talk/sing/kick and then fall asleep. (At night, if she doesn’t fall asleep while rocking for nap she doesn’t nap.)

The problem is she has learned how to climb out of her crib. So now we’re feeling like we need to transition it to a toddler bed. (She fell on her face last night.) BUT how do I put her to bed not asleep in a bed she can just slide out of? It seems that even with the crib she can climb out of she’s more likely to stay in there, whereas if her toys are a few feet away and there’s no walls in between her and them she’ll just walk right out. For hours. She’s never been a good sleeper, she will still refuse to take a nap occasionally for two hours. I give up after that and I get really tired of watching the monitor to see if she’s climbing out, going back in there and laying her down.

The second problem with this is the weaning. I have tried just not nursing her and the binkies hit the roof. It’s another couple of hours of crying and screaming, she doesn’t want to be rocked, she doesn’t want her binky etc etc. So I’m left feeling that that is the one thing to calm her and sometimes, especially at nap time, put her to sleep. At the very least it’s not pissing her off so royally she screams for two hours.

I want to wean her, and I feel like she needs to have a toddler bed so she doesn’t break her arm. I’m just not sure how these two things can work together effectively.

Oh yeah, we’re going on a three week out of country vacation in three weeks.

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