Mother’s Day is coming up! You know that day that is supposed to feel like a vacation but it’s more like – enjoy your cold breakfast while your kids fight with each other and then you’re forced to wear a giant macaroni necklace for the rest of the day. Yes, that day.

So at the very least, we should be able to receive and give fun, amazing Mother’s Day cards. You know, cards that celebrate powerful, strong, fabulous women. Except when you go to the stores, you can’t really find those cards.

And we here at Alpha Mom got inspired by something Shonda Rhimes (the very successful TV Producer and writer) wrote in her book, The Year of Yes

She points out that all too often mothers are painted as martyrs, toiling away in the shadows with no real recognition and this somehow gets celebrated.

Rhimes writes, “Praising women for standing in the shadows? Wrong. Where is the greeting card that praises the kind of mothers I know? Or better yet, the kind of mother I was raised by?”

We hear you Shonda! So we created them. We hope you find one that fits the incredible mothers you know. Read More