Amy! I am such a huge fan girl of everything you write, blog, advice, everything!

I have a sweet, funny, amazingly cute 10 (almost 11) month old who is a breastfeeding addict. He would literally be attached to my boob every second of the day if I let him. He has been like this since he was born (the kid loves to nurse) but more so in the last month or two.

I work part-time and when I am gone, he only has a bottle before each nap (2 naps) and regular food for meals and snacks. (He eats a huge amount/variety of finger foods) but when I am home he wants to nurse non-freaking-stop, sometimes every 10 or 20 minutes! More when he is tired or grumpy so I’m thinking this is a lot of comfort /separation anxiety nursing. The problem is, this kid is persistent! When I try to distract him he will continue to scream and arch his back for up to an hour, wanting to nurse. Walks, snacks, sippy cups, nothing will take his mind off his goal. So I end up giving in because nursing him is so much easier than an hour of tantrums! And I start second guessing myself, thinking why would I take away something comforting he loves so much? I’m a pushover!

I have tried looking this up but any articles on “weaning” are so judgmental and make me feel like I am just being selfish. I am happy to keep breastfeeding past a year and I have no rush to completely wean him but not nurse every 20 minutes!

Anyway! My question is… How can I gently cut back on the endless nursing or is it better to just wait it out and hope he stops on his own?

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