Help! As a fellow large-baby-birther, I need a bit of perspective.

I’m a first time mom to what I have to say is quite possibly the world’s most adorable 10 week old baby girl. At birth, she came in at a hefty 9lb 10oz, 21.5in long. My husband took a picture of her right after they plopped her into the little baby scale in the hospital room and she just takes up the whole thing. At her 1 month appointment she was up to 12lbs and 25.5in. Now, by 10 weeks, she’s easily 14-15lbs and wearing 6mo footed pjs that aren’t even big on her, just a little roomy.

Obviously, I think she’s perfect. The rest of the world, however, seems to think I’m overfeeding her, setting her up for lifelong obesity. I legit had someone tell me that large infants lead to obese children. She can’t even crawl yet! How can you have an “obese” 10 week old? Another suggested adding cereal to her bottles so she’s eating less often. She had this whole theory of adding 2 months if they’re over a certain weight (so essentially, treat her like a 4month old). She was just a cute little old lady, but still! I’ve brushed it off as long as possible, but now I need some reassurance that doesn’t come from the depths of Google – can you really overfeed an infant?

Since I’ve started work again and she’s in daycare, she gets about 75/25 breastmilk to formula, depending on the day. The first feed of the day is a little up in the air depending on when she wakes up for the previous feed (she might eat at home or she might skip it altogether), but otherwise she gets 4 bottles at daycare, eats twice more in the evening and then once again in the middle of the night. For a bottle, she’ll easily toss back 5-6oz. When I pump at work, I get 5-5.5oz, so that seems pretty on par with the bottle. I would think if she were truly overfed, she’d have the good sense to puke it back up, but maybe I’m wrong.

I realize I’m being a little irrational (again, babies? obese? what?) but I guess when enough people say it, it starts to stick in your head. I kind of remember you saying that Noah was a larger baby – did you get this same kind of “advice”? The whole top of the percentile chart thing should all even out as she gets a little older, right? Lastly, why can’t people just be nice to new moms and their babies?? Sheesh!

Thanks for the help!!
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