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If I were to pick the over-arching theme of my nine-year-old’s summer it would have to be comics. He wakes up early in the morning to read comics in the quiet house before the rest of the family gets up. He pulls something out of his dad’s enormous comic book collection every day. He checks out big, fat comic compendiums when we visit the library and he sketches his own stick figure comic strips in a notebook he keeps under his bed. He loves both reading and drawing and comic books are a perfect mash up of the two.

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One of his favorite activities is riding his scooter to the comic book store a few blocks from our house and spending some time browsing. He always comes back from these excursions excited to tell me about the cool things he’s spotted. Sometimes it’s a new installment of a super hero comic book, other times it’s a new issue from Disney or the Simpsons. I do my best to keep up my end of these conversations but I’m not always as well-versed in the comic-of-the-day as he would like.

Recently he came home with news of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. “Mom, did you know there are Ninja Turtle comics? It’s not just a movie.” Yes! I did know that! Finally I could hold my own. “Actually, the Ninja Turtles started as a comic,” I told him. “All the other stuff came later.” He was suitably impressed by this bit of knowledge so I regaled him with all the TMNT trivia I picked up babysitting my younger cousin in the 80′s and scored some cool mom points in the process.
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