My blissful six days in Hawaii were exactly what the doctor ordered. Well, except for the part jet lag combined with a crappy cold I got on the last day, which was a very small price to pay for the best and possibly only true vacation I’ve had without my kids since I had my first ten years ago.

Not surprisingly, I started to dread my re-entry to regular life, especially with back to school right around the corner. The thought of all the juggling, the paperwork, the driving here, there, and everywhere was enough to upset my happily healed-up stomach.

But instead of tucking my vacation memories away in a veritable photo album, I’ve decided to take the best parts and do my best to apply them to my everyday life. Because even if I can’t take a daily morning walk on the beach, there are plenty of other simple experiences I can implement. Maybe they’ll work for you too. Read More