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J writes:

I would like to hear how your family handles teens and dating. What are the rules? What is the curfew? At what age was dating, one on one, allowed, if it is? How do their differences affect their romantic relationships, if you feel you can speak on that? How do you teach mutual respect of themselves and their partners in common dating situations? And how do you as a parent handle the ups and downs that accompany teen dating? I also wonder about your son being young but in an advanced grade and if that provides its challenges? Without the specific details or intent to pry, I’m very curious to hear your general guidelines on the subject.

I love this question, because I love talking about teen dating. Truly! It’s one of my favorite topics. I think the whole notion of your kids dating being scary and overwhelming is… well, unnecessary. Obviously everyone has to figure out their own beliefs in regard to this topic, but I happen to believe the opportunity to oversee and guide your children as they venture into more mature relationships is a good thing.

Let’s start with generalities. In general, I believe in a three-pronged approach: Read More