It was just me and my brother growing up, so the whole big family thing is pretty foreign.

My four children and I are quite an anomaly these days, a spectacle, like a mother hen and her chicks running behind, bystanders pointing, giggling.

I suppose I’ve been too deep in the trenches for so long now, too exhausted and admittedly overwhelmed at times, to even attempt to step back and understand the culture of a big family.

I generally just nod at the hands full comments or I can barely deal with two comments because there isn’t a lot of time for reflection when you’re chasing after four kids.

There isn’t really a lot of time for anything.

But I hear things, from people who grew up in big families, who tell me that holidays will be fun! Think of all the grandkids!

Or like my former babysitter, and oldest of four kids, who told me how much she missed the noise and the chaos of her own family now that she was away at college, which you found the right place, my dear. Welcome to the jungle! Read More