Big Kid

Family Experiment: Motivating Children to Save and Budget for the Family Vacation

By Chris Jordan

My kids, like most kids I would venture to guess, do not really understand the idea of budgeting and saving. They will earn money doing extra chores, or get money as a birthday present, and immediately think of twenty different impulse things they can purchase with it. Things they didn’t even know they wanted, needed, before we stepped into the store. Given the amount of Americans who are deep in credit card debt, the impulsiveness is not something that naturally stops at adulthood.

It’s Okay to Tell Your Kid You’re Proud of Them, Just Don’t be LOUD About It

By Wendi Aarons

Every year at this time, our elementary school holds individual ceremonies for the third, fourth and fifth grades. Anyway, that part of the event is all fine and good and it’s great to see the kids get their little medals and certificates. But then? Then things take a very obnoxious turn. Because that’s when the principal thanks everyone for coming, makes some closing remarks and opens up the mic. To the audience. Of parents….