The city or the suburbs: which is better for kids?


As readers of Finslippy probably know, Scott and I once lived in Brooklyn, where we wrestled with the nagging question: now that we’re a family, are we ethically and morally bound to live in the suburbs? It seemed to be a question that most people answered in the affirmative. Children need space, they said, and […]


Sex every day: would you do it?


So every week, while I’m writing my Wonderland column, Scott asks me if there’s anything he can do to help. Every week I ask him what he could possibly do. Write it for me? Massage my feet while I write? Massage his own feet while he watches me write? Then he says “fine, whatever,” and […]


When sacrificing for your kids does more harm than good


A friend of mine –let’s call her Julie—faced the following dilemma: she had organized a night out with her best friends, the first time they could all get together, without kids, in months. Her friends all being busy mothers, organizing that particular night took a great deal of planning. Needless to say, she was looking […]


What do you do when your kid rejects a friend?


There comes an uncomfortable turning point in the parent/child relationship when the child realizes that he has opinions about whom he wants to befriend, and that his opinions do not necessarily jibe with his parents’. Usually, or at least over here in New Jersey (in our house, to be precise), this takes the form of […]


Teenagers and the Internet: can we survive them?


A few months ago, Frontline aired an episode on Teens and the Internet: “Growing up Online.” I had missed it when it first appeared, but I was sure to catch it when it aired again this week. It was a sober, balanced look at the influence of technology’s influence on the next generation, and as […]


When is it okay to lie to children?


“The Easter Bunny’s not real, right?” Henry asked me one night. We had just finished reading a bedtime story, and had moved on to the bedtime deep philosophical discussion. Without thinking, I replied, “Nah.” He didn’t say anything. Crap, I thought. Had I made a grave error? I didn’t think much was at stake, when […]

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