How to Trick or Treat Safely



By Lisa Kothari of Peppers and Pollywogs
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We’re starting to think Halloween over here. It’s a spooktacular time of year; especially if you keep the following top tips in mind to keep your kids safe this season.
Here are the tips to keep Halloween night safe for your trick or treaters:
1. Adults should be involved.
Make sure to accompany young children on the evening of trick or treat or, if your children are heading out in a group, make sure that there are enough designated adults to chaperone all of the kids.
2. Include contact info
Either on a bracelet the children wear or tucked into their costumes, write out their emergency contact information in case someone is lost.
3. Invest in safety supplies
Send the kids out with flashlights and/or glow sticks so they can easily see where they are headed. Make sure that the chaperone has extra batteries on hand in case they are needed.
4. Be reflective
Add reflective tape to your kids’ costumes and treat bags so they will be even more visible during their evening outing to traffic and others.
5. Avoid masks
Consider having your kids dress up their faces with make-up rather than masks so their own line of vision is not limited during the trick or treat outing. It may make staying close to the group, staying on the sidewalks, and crossing roads safely a problem otherwise.
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