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Halloween Trick or Treat Bags and Festive Extras

By Melissa Summers

Halloween is quickly approaching and I’ve lost four Ebay auctions for a Red Mystic Force Power Ranger costume. I’m starting to feel the heat. I tried pulling out a firefighter dress up outfit we have and suggesting that a firefighter does a lot of really good things too! A firefighter is almost exactly the same as a Mystic Force Power Ranger! How about being a firefighter for Halloween? This suggestion was met with stony silence.

Come on Ebay!

To distract myself from this looming costume fail, I’ve been looking at cute Halloween extras you could purchase or make, like treat bags and foam masks. None of which are Power Ranger themed. Surprise.

Halloween Accessory Ideas

trickortreatbag.jpgPersonalized treat bag: When I was a kid, my siblings and I carried those big orange plastic pumpkins to hold our candy. That is, until we realized that a pillow case held a lot more mini Snickers. If you’re not really into plastic and you feel like a pillow case may be a little over the top, think about investing in a cute monogrammed trick or treat bag. Bonus: Your kid will know which candy is hers at the end of the night.

DIY treat bag: If you’re the crafty sort, you can DIY a treat bag out of felt. Better Homes and Gardens has a nice set of instructions that you can customize to match your child’s costume.

candycornD280.jpgCrocheted candy: Babies like Halloween too you know, so don’t leave them out. But for the love of dental health DO NOT GIVE THEM CANDY! I am judgemental parenting in written form and I am telling you to never give your baby candy. Unless it’s crocheted with love and is also adorable. Then, okay, go ahead. Etsy typically has cute knitted and crocheted variations of pretty much anything in the world, including candy.

masks.jpgFun foam mask: Another easy and hilarious Halloween option is to find a cool animal mask and send your kid off to trick or treat wearing just the mask and her everyday clothes. When people ask what she is, your child can answer, incredulously, “Um, I’m a monkey?” And fun masks aren’t just for kids! You can also wear this to the office with your suit and tie. Someone will definitely ask you what you’re doing at some point, unless you’re in the creative department — in any office with a creative department, the rest of the staff just smile and nod at the creatives and try not to make any sudden moves. But if you’re anyone else in your company someone will ask what’s going on and you’ll reply, implying your coworker is a truly dim bulb, “I’m an elephant.” Then walk away scoffing.

surprizeball.jpgHalloween surprise ball: A pumpkin surprise ball always seems like such a great idea for Halloween. If I had any patience I could make one myself, but I never will. I wish I would, but no. Not doing it. Thankfully I can order one from the Internet and it’s affordable and combines most of the things my kids love: creating clutter, tiny trinkets with no home and surprises. A wonderful Halloween dream come true.

A last word about costumes: Finally, I’ve been browsing kids costumes and I don’t know what the world is coming to. $100 for a costume? For a child who is three feet tall? As I browsed, my heart stopped and I restarted it by looking at some more insanely overpriced costumes. My outrage and cheapness combined to restart my heart. Are these costumes lined in gold? Equipped with tiny gnomes who regulate your child’s body temperature in the frigid Halloween night cold with tiny warm puffs of their boozy breath? For $100 I don’t want gnomes, I want elves in my kid’s costume. But then that’s creepy. Let’s just make the costumes geothermally warmed for $100.

More Halloween Accessory Ideas:


Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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I love this buzz off column….despite my lack of kids to dress up in funny costumes! If I had any kids or indeed pets I would dress them up and send them in! Well photo’s of them anyway!!


Yea, and I’m feeling guilty because this year I didn’t make one of the four costumes for my kids. It was Walmart all the way. I’m calling it Domestic Task Consolidation.

Andie D.

I am cheap too – especially when IT JUST MAKES SENSE. My 4 year old LOVES Batman, and we paid $20.00 for his Batman costume. No brainer.
My 16 month old? She would be happy to wear shoes and nothing else. Literally. So I bought angel wings and a halo at Target for ONE DOLLAR. We are going to pair it with a white dress she already owns and voila! An angel.
She’s happy, we’re happy.