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Favorite Store-Bought Halloween Costume Ideas

By Melissa Summers

I always start shopping for Halloween costumes in mid-September because my kids are too old to agree to any adorable DIY costumes and I’m tired of  spending a million dollars on a last-minute costumes that I hate. And then I end up at the party supply store on October 30th buying my kids whatever is left and spending a million dollars on it. This year I will likely do the same thing but I will have looked at all the options before I spend a million dollars on costumes that don’t really do anything for me, so maybe that’s an improvement.

I’m sharing five of my favorite mass-produced costume ideas here because I”m assuming you will also wind up at the Halloween super store at some point and maybe you can buy something similar for your little person. If you do, please think fondly of me as I spend all my money on a last-minute Licensed Character costume for my son.

Creative Costume Ideas, No DIY Required

banana.jpgBanana: I literally offered my son a billion dollars if he would wear a banana costume. There’s something so funny about a walking talking banana. In fact I can’t believe a walking talking banana doesn’t have his own show on NBC yet. Unfortunately my son does not share my sense of humor and finds nothing funny about the idea of dressing as a walking banana. Sigh.



leia.jpgStar Wars characters: I was a huge fan of sibling costumes before my kids developed “free will” and “opinions.” I have friends who dressed their son as Luke Skywalker and their toddler daughter as Princess Leia. Even better: They got the dog a Yoda costume. Of course, if they’d really wanted to do it right my friend’s husband should have dressed as Darth Vader, but whatever. Still cute.


moses.jpgMoses: Okay fine you don’t want to be a banana, how about Moses? The plagues are scary! Frogs everywhere! What little kid doesn’t dream of dressing up as Moses for Halloween? Apparently mine doesn’t. (Side note: Some religious schools ask that students dress as saints or “non-scary” characters for Halloween. If that’s you, Moses is perfect.)



wheaties.jpgWheaties box: Do you remember the Wheaties box with Mary Lou Retton on it? I was so impressed by that — I remember thinking for a moment how I’d like to succeed as an athlete enough to be on a Wheaties box. But then I also remembered that I don’t like sweating very much which seems to be an important part of being a successful athlete. I may have to get the adult version of this costume, though, and live out my Olympic dreams. Hilarious.


pizza.jpgSlice of pizza: I love this toasty warm pizza bunting costume. I wonder if it’s warm enough for your baby to wear all winter? Just imagine unloading the baby at daycare in January in his pizza outfit. Hilarious.



Looking to Make Your Own Costume This Year? Check These Out:




About the Author

Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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