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Play Food for Kids

By Melissa Summers

I am the long suffering mother of a picky eight-year-old and a sometimes picky six-year-old. When my daughter was four she would play for hours at her pretend kitchen making up lots of delicious pretend dinners for me to pretend eat. I sometimes pretended to be her and acted like the meal was as disgusting as a plate of maggots with dog poo meatballs. Because I’m a very nice woman to have as a mother.

Lately I’ve seen so much cute play food it’s drawn me in but also made me wonder, would my daughter have played pretend kitchen so much if she’d been faced with these reasonably realistic versions of the food I forced her to look at on her dinner plate? Or would their inherent cuteness have won her over. We’ll never know but maybe your little chef will have fun.
play food
These little eggs are so incredibly cute any kid would love to play with them. I wonder though about the very thoughtful child (my daughter) who might become vegan on the spot realizing each tiny adorable egg could become a tiny adorable chick. There are worse things to be than vegan, like Moonies, but the vegan lifestyle would not do much to help me get some food into my daughter’s mouth.
play food
Both my kids would rather go to the dentist than eat sushi. But give them this set complete with chopsticks and maybe they’d come around to the goodness that is sushi. As an aside, I’ve had great luck getting my kids to eat more vegetables since putting these chopsticks on the table.
play food
Farfalle has always been my favorite pasta because of it’s shape and it’s name. Now it comes in felt and as a bonus almost every kid I know likes pasta in some form.

A more involved version would be this spaghetti and meatball set at Etsy. All you need now is a glass of Chianti….or grape juice.

You know two year olds have lives too and they can’t be making you gourmet meals all the time. Sometimes you just get classic American fare like this hot dog meal, just like Mom used to make.

Up next week, DIY halloween costumes. If you start now you may actually be done by Halloween!


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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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