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Free Holiday Photo Card

If you’re like us, you haven’t finished your shopping, much less thought about holiday cards. Here are some easy photo cards that you can print out, or if you have some basic Photoshop skills you can customize the card and e-mail it to your friends. We have been taking the latter option for the past couple of years. Not only is it a more eco-friendly way to go, but it’s so much faster! I still mail a card to those few relatives who don’t regularly check e-mail.

I’ve made them with both “Happy Holidays” and “Merry Christmas”, so take your pick. Below are the printable versions with no background color. Simply download the .pdf file and print on white or ivory card stock, cut and add a 4″x6″ photo.

Photo Card Happy Holidays

Photo Card Merry Christmas

The digital images below can be saved and opened in Photoshop or other image-editing software for you to add your own photo. If using Photoshop, simply open a file below, add your 4″ x 6″ photo (resolution 72 pixels/inch), flatten the image and save for web. E-mail it to all your friends and family and your done. Or heck, you could just post it on facebook, twitpics or your blog these days. Do you really need to update people on what you’re doing these days? They probably know what you ate for lunch.

So, there’s an answer to your holiday cards for your high-tech or low-tech needs. (Only ‘Personal Use’ please). Happy Holidays!

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2 Responses to “Free Printable & Digital Holiday Cards”

  1. ep Dec 16 at 1:51 pm Reply Reply

    yay! thanks so much! pettey family christmas card 2010!

  2. Hollie Dec 22 at 11:20 am Reply Reply

    So pretty yet so simple! Thanks for sharing :)

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