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Salons and spas for little girls: harmful, or harmless?


The New York Times, that bastion of meaningful news, published a story yesterday on how cosmetic companies and retailers are targeting six- to nine-year-old girls. Salons for little girls are springing up around the country, apparently, with parents hosting “beauty primping parties” for daughters and their friends. The demographic the Times targets with this type […]


Phthalates, sippy cups, and Bisphenol-A: unhiding the hidden dangers


Well! Hey! You sure do have some, you know, opinions about circumcision! Don’t you! Wow! And there’s nothing wrong with that. Please don’t hurt me. And now, let’s back away slowly from all controversial parenting topics, shall we? New topic for the week: kids! Can’t live with them, can’t sell them. You know what I’m […]

Circumcision: the kindest cut, or the cruelest?

Circumcision: the kindest cut, or the cruelest?


It’s the day after Valentine’s Day, and I’m thinking about circumcision. I assure you this is a coincidence. So! Those of us who have birthed baby boys are faced with the inevitable question: to snip or leave intact? In most of the world, the majority of boys are left as nature intended, but here in […]


Academic Redshirting: should you hold your kid back?


I’ve been thinking about the practice of redshirting: postponing your child’s entrance into kindergarten to give him or her an academic or social edge. I’m not considering it for my son, mind you: we were spared that decision, because Henry just missed the cut-off date in New Jersey; we’re paying for another year of preschool […]


Stem cell & cord blood collection: is it worth it?


Ladies! Has your monthly time been a period of shame and hiding? Well! It turns out that menstrual blood is much more than womanly offscourings. Hide no longer, and rejoice in that precious Red Gold spilling forth from your parts. Let me explain, before you click your way out of here. Cryo-cell International has launched […]

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