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tanyaadsmall.pngIn my house, knowing what tween girls from across the nation are doing makes life so much easier for my daughter because all things equal, she’s normal… although it doesn’t always seem that way when you’re the mom. So I thought I’d share a few tween factoids with you… for your own use or better yet, to share with your daughter. Does she believe in horoscopes? Does she want to change her looks? Would she rather be a pig rancher (does she even know what a pig rancher does?) or a rock star? Have fun!

  • Tween Girls Say NO to the Knife. 70% Want to Change Their Looks but only 20% Say Plastic Surgery is the Way.
  • 61% of Tween Girls Have Lost Their Cell Phones at Least Once!
  • 65% of Tween Girls Drink Coffee
  • 62% of Tween Girls Believe in Horoscopes
  • Girls Forgive Vanessa Hudgens for her Nude Pictures
  • 70% of Tween Girls Say They ARE Bullied
  • 42% of Tween Girls KNOW Kids at School Who Drink or Do Drugs
  • 55% of Tween Girls Do NOT Talk to Their Parents About Drugs
  • 67% of Tween Girls HAVE Forged a Parent’s Signature
  • 84% of Tween Girls Think Dumbing Down Around Boys is Dumb
  • 28% of Tween Girls CHEAT on Homework or Exams
  • 79% of Tween Girls LIE to their Parents
  • Tween Girls Would Rather Be Famous for Talent vs. Determination
  • 68% of Tween Girls Knowingly BREAK Parent Rules
  • Tween Girls Don’t just want to be Rock Stars. They want to be Red Sox Players, Pig Ranchers and Crime Scene Investigators. Cool.
  • We have a ton more! Just ask me… email or comment back please. I’m reachable at


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    3 Responses to “Tween Girls Do What?”

    1. Molly Sep 19 at 10:36 am Reply

      I had no idea! My daughter is not quite a tween yet but I worry about those years. This is some interesting insight into what I can expect in the future. Thanks for sharing, can’t wait to hear more.

    2. Julie Botkin Sep 19 at 10:44 am Reply

      This is GREAT – my daughter is just going into her tween years and I’m so happy to read that a tween expert is blogging on alphamom.

    3. SallyH Sep 19 at 1:04 pm Reply

      These are some good statistics that better help me to understand my tween. Thanks!

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