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I just finished a heaping bowl of Three Lentil Chili after seeing everyone write about chili these days. Yes, it’s the season and it’s great. In fact, October is National Chili Month.
Googling led me to a plethora of listings for Chili Cook-offs nationwide where you can participate or just eat your way through. Usually the events are geared towards raising funds for the community and that makes them even more special. However, if there are none nearby, consider hosting your own at home. (You can even ask non-chili cook-off guests to consider a donation to a charity of your choosing instead of bringing a hostess gift.)
Lemondrop has a tutorial on how to Host a Chili Bowl for easy reference.
And, the talented Jane Maynard of This Week for Dinner had a call-out for chili recipes and includes her very own yummy-looking one, which apparently is EASY and her readers have replicated with success. Enjoy the Autumn!


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One Response to “Host or Attend a Chili Cook-Off”

  1. jane Oct 14 at 1:25 pm Reply Reply

    what a fun idea to host a chili cook-off – a great autumn activity – and delicious! :) thanks!

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