Thanksgiving Craft: Pilgrim Hat DIY



It is time to party like a Pilgrim. The best way to do this is to make sure you are wearing your Pilgrim hat for the Thanksgiving dinner!

Pilgrim Hat by Skip To My Lou for @Alphamom #thanksgiving #craft

Grab some black and brown cardstock or construction paper, a bit of gold glitter paper (found at a crafts store). You will also need scissors, a stapler and a glue stick.

First download the Pilgrim Hat Template .

Pilgrim Hat Supplies by Skip to My Lou for #thanksgiving #craft

Cut the hat out of black cardstock, the band out of brown cardstock and the buckle out of glitter paper.  You can also add your own glitter to the buckle piece. Also cut two to three strips lengthwise from the brown paper for the band that goes around the head.

Pilgrim Hat Tutorial by Skip to My Lou for #thanksgiving #craft

Glue the brown band piece to the front of the hat.

Pilgrim Hat Tutorial by Skip to My Lou for #thanksgiving #craft

 Staple two of the long brown strips together. Make sure it will fit around the child’s head. If not, attach the third strip to make it longer.

Pilgrim Hat Tutorial by Skip to My Lou for #thanksgiving #craft

Staple the long band that goes around the head to the back of the hat.

Pilgrim Hat Tutorial by Skip to My Lou for #thanksgiving #craft

Glue on the buckle, covering the staples.

Pilgrim Hat Tutorial by Skip to My Lou for #thanksgiving #craft

Place the long band around the child’s head to determine the correct size and then staple the ends together.

Pilgrim Hat Tutorial by Skip to My Lou for #thanksgiving #craft

Hello, Pilgrim!

Thanksgiving Craft: Pilgrim Hat by Skip to My Lou for @Alphamom

If you’re looking for another special Pilgrim hat, be sure to check out my DIY Pilgrim bonnet!


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4 Responses to “Thanksgiving Craft: Pilgrim Hat DIY”

  1. Panja Nov 14 at 2:48 pm Reply Reply

    Thanks so much for your idea. Had to make some for my bunco group. Turned out awesome.


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