St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Rainbow Prints



St. Patrick's Day Craft: Rainbow Prints

There seems to be no better time of the year than around St. Patrick’s Day to paint a rainbow! These fun little prints amaze kids! They won’t believe half a rainbow can be turned into a whole rainbow!

Set out a rainbow of acrylic paint.

We painted on the shiny side of freezer paper. Cut what ever size you like.

Fold the freezer paper in half. On one side of the paper paint half a rainbow.

Fold paper in half and lightly press. Don’t slide hands, just press. With one finger you can slide along each individual color of the rainbow if you like.

Open paper. We then added a touch of glitter to make our rainbows sparkle! Dip a dry brush into DecoArt Glamour Dust.

This glitter is the best. It is so fine that in adheres really great to the paint. My daughter said, “I am all about this glitter!”

Tap a finger or pencil on the handle of the paintbrush and your rainbow will receive a beautiful sprinkle of glitter!

May there be a big pot of gold at the end of your rainbow!

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Cindy Hopper was fortunate to be raised in a family who appreciated the arts. This background led to a Bachelor's Degree in Art Education. With a keen eye for design and color, Cindy has continued her love of art and is now passing her creative skills on to her three children. Cindy's family and friends are the beneficiaries of her passion for fun and meaningful creative projects.

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7 Responses to “St. Patrick’s Day Craft: Rainbow Prints”

  1. Wiley Mar 10 at 9:55 am Reply Reply

    I think it’s funny that green happens to be the color that got obscured by the colors on each side of it for St. Patrick’s Day.

  2. Deborah Mar 10 at 9:38 pm Reply Reply

    I love, love, love this! 

  3. I love this too! Wow! So pretty. My 4 year old would love the idea of folding it in half and then seeing it’s a full rainbow! I can already see her face going “wow!” We will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing :)

    We just made a saint patrick’s day craft too that was fun!
    (here it is if you want to check it out )

  4. Hi! I just wanted to let you know that I loved this idea! I linked it up on my blog today! My girls had so much fun with it!

  5. kristin Mar 18 at 7:39 am Reply Reply

    okay, i might just change my lesson plans for today so we can do this!

    thank you!


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