Kids’ Apple Craft: Paint Embellished Apples for a Holiday Table



I guess I was growing a little weary of the usual load of stuff that sits on my kitchen table, and with Halloween behind us and thoughts of the holidays ahead, I wanted to look at something pretty on the table for a change.

We had small, pretty apples that were too bruised or sour to eat, so we got out the paint.

Using paint pens and puffy paint, we embellished apples for a holiday table. The gold metallic paint pens added a subtle glow with the pictures, and the white puffy paint looked like rich icing.

And for a few short minutes, my table looked really nice, the kids had a ball, and we look forward to the holidays ahead.


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One Response to “Kids’ Apple Craft: Paint Embellished Apples for a Holiday Table”

  1. Cute idea!! :)

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