Make a Match-Up Game with Easter Eggs



My kids love to hide brightly-colored eggs all over the house and go on an Easter egg hunt, and we’ve discovered another fun game to play with those plastic eggs.

Make a match-up game: can you find the matching pairs of small objects hidden behind the eggs?

My kids went on a hunt to find small things around the house. We need six pairs, so twelve small things total.

We’ll need six plastic eggs. (Each object is covered with half of one egg.)

To make the game look better, I spray painted the gray cardboard carton a vivid color. This step is completely optional, though. I’ve been using spray paint so often lately to update old light fixtures and lamps that I’m obsessed with it.

Players take turns finding a match. My daughter has played this game a dozen times before going to bed the past few nights. I like crafts that give kids something to do after they make it. Here are more ideas for crafts kids can make and play with:

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One Response to “Make a Match-Up Game with Easter Eggs”

  1. Mart Smith Aug 23 at 11:31 am Reply Reply

    What a cute idea…I work in a special education department…a fun way to do memory game….LoVe It….Thank you so much!

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