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Halloween Craft: Cereal Box Stencils

By Ellen Luckett Baker

Halloween Craft: Cereal Box Stencils
By Ellen Baker
More ghosts and jack o’ lanterns! I’m afraid of the scary Halloween stuff, so we like to keep it happy around here. We made these fun and simple stencils to use on treat bags, but you could add them to tees, banners, or any other fabric decorations. You can buy a simple canvas tote bag at most craft stores, or you can make one like I did with muslin using this tutorial (just skip the pocket and embroidery). If you make your own bag, it’s easiest to add the stencil to your fabric before you sew. The kids can do the painting so they’ll have a bag they love to carry. Be sure to allow a day for drying time.
-fabric tote
-fabric paint
-stencil brush or sponge
-cereal box
-craft knife and cutting mat
-masking tape
1. Cut one of the largest rectangles from your cereal box.
2. Click on one of the images below and print out the template. Secure the template to your cardboard with masking tape. Cut out the shapes with a craft knife on a cutting mat. Obviously an adult will need to do this part.
3. Next, tape your template to the fabric and have your kids dab on the paint using a stencil brush or sponge (we used the end of a spongy paint roller). The trick to getting it on neatly is to hold the brush or sponge end perpendicular to the surface.
All done! Now let those kids get a belly ache!

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Ellen Luckett Baker
About the Author

Ellen Luckett Baker

Ellen Luckett Baker is the author of the long thread, a blog about handmade goods. She has always enjoyed making things, but the flexibility of staying a...

Ellen Luckett Baker is the author of the long thread, a blog about handmade goods. She has always enjoyed making things, but the flexibility of staying at home with her two daughters along with the creative inspiration they provide has led her to craft on a daily basis. Combining her love of graphic design and sewing, she has created an Etsy shop selling machine embroidery designs and sewing patterns.

Ellen lives in Atlanta with her husband and two young daughters. She holds a B.A. in Art History and a Master’s of Public Administration with a focus in Non-Profit Management.

Ellen recently wrote 1, 2, 3 Sew: Build Your Skills with 33 Simple Sewing Projects her crafting book. She is crazy talented!

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  • This is an awesome idea. I linked to it in my post on weekend crafting inspiration

  • Very nice project! Thank you for sharing your idea!!