Easter Bunny Wrappers for Your Cadbury Creme Eggs



These little Easter Bunny egg wrappers are a quick and cute way to dress up a Cadbury Creme Egg to make a sweet little Easter treat. You just need a fresh baby wipe that’s been allowed to dry out, a scrap of string, and the candy bunny wrapper template printed on some white cardstock. The candy bunny wrapper template prints six wrappers to a page and although it is made as US Letter sized paper, it should also print on A4 paper at 100% without cropping.

cadbury creme egg bunny wrapper

1. Place the Cadbury Creme Egg upright in the center of the baby wipe and fold up the corners to wrap it evenly and tightly.

2. Secure with the little bit of string and cut off any excess string.

3. The top and the bottom of the wipe are now sticking out of the knot that you tied in a big bushy mess. You want to separate them and cut off one, leaving just one side of the wipe to be turned into the bunny’s ears.

4. Then you just need to snip into the center of that piece of wipe from the corners to cut two separate ear shapes from it.

cadbury creme egg bunny wrapper

Fold back the little bunny tail on your printable so that it sticks out when it’s done, and use a glue stick to secure your wrapper into a little cylinder.

cadbury creme egg bunny wrapper

Then you just need to place your wrapped Cadbury Creme Egg into its printed wrapper. You can add a little glue to the inside of the wrapper if you want to make sure it doesn’t slip off. From the back you can see its little tail sticking out, and the tidy cut off where the baby wipe was trimmed to make the ears.

cadbury creme egg bunny wrapper

We used a little fabric flower to decorate the front of our bunny’s ears, but you could make a little ribbon bow, or just leave it plain.

cadbury creme egg bunny wrapper

These cute Easter Bunnies make cute little table decorations, or Easter Lunch party favors, and are a low cost and pretty addition to an Easter basket too.

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