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I’m loving all the pixel designs that have been everywhere lately, so decided to try a pixel project with my daughter. It’s a great way to learn about color mixing, have a messy fun time and make something really cool all at once.

We used fabric and I made a tote bag, but you could try this project on wood, canvas, a ready-made tote bag or any number of other options. All you’ll need is acrylic paint and a sponge.

I cut the sponges into 1″ cubes and drew a grid on the fabric with a water-soluble marker. Then I helped my daughter mix up the paints and got stamping. To complete the project with my six-year-old, it did take some supervision and a bit of patience, but it was totally doable and she was so proud of herself when it was all finished.

Just click on the images below and print if you need a starting point, but really, you can just come up with imaginary pixels by painting varying shades of the same color next to one another.


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11 Responses to “Pixel Painting”

  1. Kat Jul 21 at 11:51 am Reply Reply

    So cute! Thanks for sharing this idea.

  2. Next, make about five to ten of these, and have her go outside with a table, and sell them for five bucks a pop in your front yard.

    Teach her entrepreneurship AS WELL as creativity. Go the full distance with some business skills!

    Or as my dad would say, “Make it rain!”

  3. Suzanne Jul 21 at 2:04 pm Reply Reply

    Fantastic directions (as usual).

  4. Sri Jul 21 at 10:49 pm Reply Reply

    Nice idea and neatly done as always

  5. MelanieO Jul 22 at 9:42 am Reply Reply

    Hi Ellen – did you use fabric paint? And what type of fabric did you use – like a canvas? Thanks :)

  6. Ellen Luckett Baker
    Ellen Jul 22 at 3:39 pm Reply Reply

    Melanie — I used fabric paint and regular acrylic. We used a kona cotton because I intended to make dish towels, but found the paint was too rough for dish towels. So I lined the bag with heavy canvas to give it weight. It would have worked just fine on a canvas fabric too.

  7. kajal Jul 24 at 12:53 pm Reply Reply


  8. Mike Aug 04 at 7:57 pm Reply Reply

    That is one cool crafty project — how fun! Thanks for a great tip. And it looks like the pixel pixie is having a blast!


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