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Summer has been long, lazy and wonderful, but is it already time to start thinking about going back to school? Say it ain’t so! Actually, it is. Some schools are back in session as soon as the beginning of August!

If you’re one of those parents who’s hoping to transition your children back into their school schedule gracefully, you might appreciate a Back-To-School Countdown Poster. Make it fun, let them participate in the back-to-school preparation. Earlier bedtimes can be little less painful when they pull off a tab each day and earn a fun reward or treat.

Back-to-School Countdown Poster. Kids RipTabs to earn rewards and remember to go to sleep earlier.

We’ve made four slightly different versions of the Back-To-School Countdown Poster printables for you!

1. Countdown Poster: colorful print-out with pre-scripted tabs for your bulletin board or refrigerator.

2. Countdown Poster: colorful print-out with the fill-in-the blank tabs. Choose your own schedule and rewards.


Back-to-School Countdown Poster. Kids Rip Tabs to earn rewards and remember to go to sleep earlier.

3. Color-In Countdown Poster: with pre-scripted tabs. Your kids can color in their own poster with crayons or markers. Coloring is always a hit at my house.

4. Color-In Countdown Poster: with fill-in-the-blank tabs that can be customized by you for your kids.


Back-to-School Countdown Poster. Kids RipTabs to earn rewards and remember to go to sleep earlier.

Happy Printing and Coloring! You’ll be ready for school in no time.

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