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Photo by Stig Nygaard
My 6-year old son announced to me that his recent visit with his babysitter to the NYC Police Museum was the best day of his life. And, I had missed it. Of course, there will be other missed precious moments. But still. (And, really kid? Better than swimming with sting rays in the Caymans?)
However, I overcame my disbelief quickly as I remembered that this certain police museum has preserved cell blocks and lets kids pretend play in them. And, my son happens to be obsessed with everything and anything police related.
I really didn’t want to hightail it downtown in the sweltering heat to revisit this museum.
Then, I became inspired.
NYC kids are always paying visits to the local firehouses. I haven’t heard of any drop-ins at the local precinct, but why not?
And, that’s what we did. We visited our local police station and were welcomed by the Sargent who quickly gave us a private tour of the holding cells (very smelly though empty) and showed us the bullets to her gun (she kept her gun in its holster).
My son? In heaven.
Our plan now is to make unannounced visits to all the nearby precincts. Some kids like to visit the animals at the zoo. My kid likes to visit the jailbirds.


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