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It’s no secret that Design Mom is one of our mama heroes.
Last year she took her family of five kids on a day trip to visit The Crayola Factory in eastern Pennsylvania.
What a fabulous idea!
Kids are always how is this or that made? Whereas it is wonderful to keep some things a secret, it is also awesome to know that factories that make really cool stuff are open to the public.
Here is a list of other interesting Factory Tours for Kids:
* Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory (San Francisco, CA)
* Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream Factory (Waterbury, Vermont)
* Cape Cod Potato Chips Factory (Hyannis, MA)
* Tom’s of Maine Factory (Kennebunk, ME)
* Vermont Teddy Bear Factory (Shelburne, Vermont)
* U.S. Bureau of Engraving and Printing where they print cold hard cash (Washington DC & Fort Worth, TX)
* Hershey’s Chocolate Factory (Hershey, PA)
If you can’t make it just yet to these factories and your kids just gotta know how to make deodorant, most of these companies have online factory tours. Also, check out this great go-to page on PBS Kids with videos direct from fun factories.
Also, what do you think? Have you visited an oh-so-awesome factory that you want to recommend? Spill it.

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3 Responses to “Take a Factory Tour for Kids”

  1. kim/hormone-colored days Feb 26 at 11:08 am Reply Reply

    In the Chicago area, I love Eli’s Cheesecake World. I wrote about it, years ago, at

  2. Isabel Kallman
    Alpha Mom Feb 26 at 12:09 pm Reply Reply

    Some of our Twitter friends contributed the following:
    @JumpStart3D “Great idea! A few more for your list: the Jelly Belly Factory (Fairfield, CA) and the Spam Museum (Austin, MN”
    @cottage “Another cheap, delicious one to try–good for even the shortest of attention spans–a Krispy Kreme factory store.”

  3. magpie Mar 10 at 12:35 pm Reply Reply

    I went to the Mint alone as a grownup – I loved it.

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