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Holiday Gifts for Kids

By Isabel Kallman

Last week we wrote about gifts for girls and last year we broke it up into preschooler and school-aged kids. Now, we’re just going to do a long list of items we’re loving right now that are great for boys, girls and mixed ages.

Marble Runs

If you’ve got a four or five-year old, now is the time they start appreciating marble runs. You know, you build towers with paths for the marbles and let them go. I love this game because as the kids get older they can build more complex structures. There are a lot of different marble run systems, I would choose one based on the the ability to expand, or for the cool accouterments if you’re buying for older kids.



Connectagons remind me of another favorite of ours, Magna-tiles… both of which are perfect starting at four years of age, but really kids of older ages continue to love.



Since we’re on a “building theme” here, theoretically the original Colorforms of our youth are the same thing but the building is of 2-D pictures with basic shapes. I never get tired of Colorforms.



Check out these great games that are fun and educational. Generally speaking, the American school systems are not great at teaching geography, which fascinated me as a child. I think these two games are dynamite: United States Bingo and Great States Jr.


Legos & Books

holiday_lego_book.jpgAre you swimming in Legos at home? Has your kid built and then taken apart the structure after carefully following the instructions? If you want to get a new life out of all those Legos, get this Cool Cars and Trucks book by Lego master Sean Kenney. It’s full of diagrams on how to construct various vehicles with Lego blocks, including pocket-size cars and variations on an SUV. This book is really for the hard-core Lego builders who have zillions of pieces at home already, since it doesn’t come with any. Another book to try is also The LEGO Book which is a comprehensive book about the history of LEGO, in addition to providing some building diagrams.

The Smart Portfolio

Have an artist on your hands? This Smart Portfolio facilitates tracing and freehand drawing by using a sophisticated projector onto a tracing desk. The set comes with image slides, colored pencils and tracing paper. All you need is a patient kid. And batteries, of course.  (This product is no longer available. But we found similar products,  like Draw Like a Pro or Light Up Tracing Pad, both available through our affiliate Amazon.)

Video Games

Each year we try to feature a video game we love. When we asked Disney World experts for their fave rides at the amusement park, Toy Story Mania was on top of many lists. So, it comes as no surprise to me that Disney would replicate the magic as a video game. There’s even an iPhone app too. If you’re looking for another Disney favorite, we recommend Sing It: Pop Hits, which is a karaoke delight for all ages and a follow-up to last year’s hit. (Disney sent us review copies of these games along with a number of other video game titles).

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Isabel Kallman

Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.


Isabel Kallman is the founding mom of

Feel free to send nice emails to isabel[at]alphamom[dot]com.

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