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Easter Traditions and Ideas

By Melissa Summers

Easter seems so early this year, I suppose because it is. The drag about this for those of us in the northern part of the US is there’s still snow on the ground, our daffodils haven’t even bloomed yet and the grass is still brown and dead. Festive!

Pink and white easter eggOn the bright side Easter falls on the same weekend we’ll be celebrating my son’s birthday so we’re hosting an egg dying party. I had no idea what to do for his birthday, because I don’t believe in huge birthday parties every year. This will kill two birds with one stone because, shockingly we still haven’t dyed our eggs.

Last year I gave you a few great egg dying techniques, you may want to look back over them for inspiration.

Easter Inspirations

wheat grassDesign Mom reminded everyone to plant their wheat grass for spring decorating and Easter baskets a couple of weeks ago. And, like everything I do, I’m only now mentioning it. I loathe plastic Easter grass almost as much as I loathe confetti tucked into greeting cards which drops all over your carpet. If you use plastic Easter grass, I hope you like it because you’ll be finding remnants of it until next year. Or worse, you’ll find remnants in your cat’s litter box. Blargh. Here she tells you how to grow the wheat grass. You can either save the idea for next year or start now to have some green around your house for spring.

You've been egged graphicRemember when I showed you the Boo tradition from my neighborhood? Check out this cute “Egged” idea. You fill plastic eggs with treats, leave them in a neighbor’s porch with a note that tells them they’ve been egged and to pass it on.

chocolate nest dessert eggs Of course, once again, there’s probably not time to pull that one off for your entire neighborhood this year, although you could just pick a favorite neighborhood friend and give them a surprise. This chocolate nest dessert from Angry Chicken is perfect for your Easter feast. Head over to her site for the recipe but it’s so simple, melted chocolate, crumbled shredded wheat cereal and malted milk eggs as garnish.

Enjoy your Easter celebrations!

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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