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hands decorating dyed Easter eggs

Great Easter Egg Decorating Ideas

By Melissa Summers

You’ve probably already colored all your eggs and prepared your baskets and rented the bunny costume you’re going to make your husband wear on Saturday night to hide all the eggs. You know, just to keep the ‘magic’ on the holiday for the kids. (“For The Kids” = “It’s Been A Long Winter And This Would Be Really Funny.”) But we haven’t because I am lazy and a heathen.

Last minute Easter Egg Tips.

decoupage eggs

My brother dated a German exchange student in college and she showed us how her family decorated Easter eggs. They didn’t hard boil them, they used a pinhole to blow out the insides of the eggs and then painted the outside with watercolors. I was never good with the watercolor, my eggs were covered in grayish blue blobs, but loved the delicate eggs we made using her technique. Decoupage eggs are a creative alternative. Martha suggests using wrapping paper, napkins or old print books to find designs for your eggs.

masking eggsAnother great decorating idea is these Masking Egg. Apparently, it’s possible to wrap large rubber bands around a hard-boiled egg covering it completely without breaking it. You then dip the eggs into the dye creating lovely patterns where the dye seeps under the rubber bands. You can also use stickers. I’m trying this on Saturday when we do our eggs and will report back on Tuesday.

rubber cement easter eggsIn school did you ever do the thing where you put white glue all over your hand, let it dry and then peel it away? This is why this technique appeals to me. You drizzle rubber cement on your egg, let it dry completely and dip it into your dye. Let dry again and remove the rubber cement. Is it just me or does everyone else have gloppy experiences with rubber cement? Maybe I need a brand new container.

Easter egg art illustration What kind of dye to use. I bought PAAS dyes last year on clearance for seventy-five cents. If you want a more experimental technique your kids will be amazed by, you can try making natural egg dyes.

paper mache eggs For your Easter baskets, I like these papier mache eggs you can fill with candy or trinkets. They’re quite a bit like the New Year’s Eve favors I made for our smaller guests. I didn’t decorate mine, just used colored tissue paper which could make the process a little easier since this is the last minute.

moana-movie-inspired easter eggsIf you and your family are Disney fans, you are probably going to love these ideas for Frozen Movie eggs.  And I am pretty sure you going to love these adorable Moana-inspired eggs and I would be shocked if you didn’t absolutely love these Beauty and the Beast inspired eggs.

blue and chocolate easter eggsMartha….I love you Martha. We share initials and I look to you for inspiration, and sometimes I even use your crazy ideas. But this? It’s a little over the top. I think they’re beautiful, but if you keep this up I’m buying a PAAS kit and calling it Easter. (I admit, these “egg creatures” are super cute.)

In closing, following the awkward segue theme, my family will be attending an easter egg hunt in downtown Detroit on Sunday. You could insert your gun/murder/drug joke here but take note: we were not invited to an easter egg hunt in our suburban neighborhood this Sunday.

More Easter Egg Decorating Ideas:

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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