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Mother’s Day Giveaways

By Melissa Summers

There are so many things moms want for mother’s day. Quiet. Chocolates. Valium. I’m a mother and I just want to win something for Mother’s Day and I’ve rounded up a few contests to enter. Some require someone besides you to talk about how great you are. But I think this will be an excellent lesson in self esteem if we all write our own entries and put our child’s or our husband’s name on it. If you’re a husband or child (we’re all children of someone), perhaps you could honor your mother…or just call her for God’s sake, you never call.

coolmompicks.jpgCool Mom Picks is running a pretty simple to enter contest to help advertise their wonderful gift guide. Put a button on your site to help spread the word of their gift guide for even the most clueless gift giver. They’re crafty those two ladies, nice thinking. If you put a button for their excellent Mother’s Day gift guide on your site and email to let them know they’ll enter you in a drawing to win a $250 gift certificate for Zutano baby and kids clothes and two limited edition prints from Jen Corace and a photo album from Mahar Dry Goods.

campgetaway.JPGPreschool Rock is looking to send a mom to Camp Getaway in southern California. Just tell them why you’re an awesome mom, my entry would go like this, “I am an awesome mother because yesterday when my son had a ridiculously embarassing for a a 6-year-old tantrum at the school playground I did not harm one tiny hair on his psychotic little head even though I sort of wanted to.” Camp Getaway, HERE I COME! Or, if you’re shy, tell your husband to tell them all about how great you are. Preschool Rock let’s you know in the entry form they like rambling, they’d love me.

Cosmeceuticals.jpgFamily Circle is running 15 days of mom give aways. So far there’s been lighted tweezers, a spa finder stone therapy kit, and Dermalect Cosmeceuticals microdermabrasion kits. I love words like ‘Cosmeceuticals’ it reminds me of the time my husband told a customer at Crate and Barrel that a tempered glass turkey baster was actually a new product called ‘Glasstic’ and he kept a straight face. Word is these freebies (just 500 a day) go fast so check early for the latest deal.

diamondstuds2.jpgMaybe you’re a very shiny mom. Bag Snob is giving away a lot of shine. They’re giving away a Pauric Sweeney tote worth $1295 and 1 carat total weight diamond earrings worth $2000. My midwestern heart just thought, “Why I could buy all new appliances for that much money.” I wish I could stop being a stereotype but I can’t! Just submit your email to Bag Snob before May 11 for your chance to win.

mymomsagamer.jpgMaybe you like gaming, have your child who’s 13 or older tell them all about it at My Moms A Gamer. From the site, “Write an original essay about your mother (or female legal guardian) and gaming. Is your mom a lifelong gamer, or new to gaming? What games does she play? Does she support your gaming habit? Is she a n00b, or can she hold her own? Do you play together?” Here’s the catch, technically your kid wins an X Box 360 Elite and you get flowers (boring). But I’m sure you can come to an agreement.

bam.jpgEmeril Lagassi with all the yelling and the turn it ups, makes me sort of nervous. And I’m not much of a cook so you don’t want me nervous in the kitchen. Maybe you really like him and want him to come serve you breakfast in bed. I have a contest for that too. ABC is asking for essays (no more than 50 words long….I guess they don’t like rambling) explaining why the mom you’re nominating is your hero and deserves to have Emeril Lagassi screaming POW! in her bedroom on Mother’s Day morning. But hurry this contest ends April 27th.

highfive.jpgThere’s no guarantee you’ll win any of these contests for yourself or for your own mother so I’m going to recommend you pick up this High Five, Mom card (or point someone to it) because that’s what we all want isn’t it? A high five.
designmomgiveaway.jpgUpdate: In late breaking news Design Mom has announced her mother’s day giveaway. Starting May 7 through May 11 there will be a giveaway a day. These prize packs are said to be nice and not for kids. Just for grown adult women. Hooray!

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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