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Best Halloween Children’s Costumes: Round Up

By Melissa Summers

I know you’re ready to move on from Halloween and so am I. Sort of. It’s just that I’m watching the Halloween merchandise being pulled off shelves and replaced with various winter holiday paraphenalia. Let’s just hold onto Halloween a little bit longer then. Okay?
Amy at Fannfare went to a 70’s character themed party and came up with Ruby’s genie bottle costume all on her own and then spent many nights working on it. Don’t worry, Amy sent two pictures and one showed that Ruby actually loved her costume.
Suzyn sent along this picture of her bumble bee, you can see his full range of emotions regarding the costume here.
I once ate so much candy corn at one sitting I spent the rest of the day laid up on the sofa. A taste aversion from that event has followed me for nearly 20 years. Heather’s little girl, Paige, may just cure me of that.
Katie worked very hard fashioning this Tinkerbell costume for Ellie from green tulle, spandex and ribbon…among other things. Then, she fashioned her little boy, Joey, into a Peter Pan with green felt. Why is it the older and more independent my kids get the less inspired I am to create costumes? It would seem I’d have more energy. Katie’s kids need to meet up with Mary’s kids.
marymuncy.jpg marymuncy2.jpg
A regal Captain Hook and baby Peter Pan. Mary reports Ethan got a little into his character, “he REALLY wanted to be Captain Hook and was doing a great job acting.

We’ve got two lobsters to show off. Amy has a lobster who’s remarkably happy to be heading to a lobster boil, poor thing.
And Miss Zoot sent in this little Lobster looking a bit concerned about the lobster boil thing.
LvampireKristinSnow.jpg Toby Robot kristin snow.jpg
Krissy sent in her boys in handmade vampire and robot costumes. I’m afraid to show my husband the robot, because he’s been trying to convince our five-year-old to be a robot since he was a few hours old. Krissy says the robot was, “…fun to make, but I’m glad it’s over.”
Laura sent a picture of her little boy wearing the Old Navy monkey costume I coveted before. Hopefully she didn’t get it on Ebay where I saw one sell for $50 (originally $20). Laura also wanted me to know she dubbed the ‘undead prostitute‘ costume my daughter had her eye on, “Ho-enstine”. Nice.
Here’s a picture of Ryland in an owl costume made by a friend. I couldn’t love this costume more if my husband was wearing it. Actually I’d probably love it less because my husband would be wearing tights and that would be awkward.
Stephanie shares her trick for pulling a costume together without spending $20 on a polyester confection which will be ripped in two by the end of Halloween. She scours Walmart clearance and pulls together costumes from those choices, mixing and matching some and doctoring others. (Her neice, on the right, is wearing her easter dress as part of her costume. Brilliant reuse!)
Susan from Friday Playdate, had a house full of superheros. And although she spent a total of about $50 on these costumes, she brings up a good point. Since her boys have worn these costumes every day for the last three weeks, the cost per wear is actually quite reasonable. Also, think of the security system she had with all those superheros just hanging around waiting to fight crime.

I had a tiny dinosaur one year for nearly a month. So although I paid a ridiculous $20 for a polyester costume, at the end of 30 days we’d spent about .67 a day! Along those lines my children will be wearing their devil ears all day every day for the next week so that our cost per wear is about $0. You thought I was kidding about being cheap didn’t you?
Paula invited a zebra to join the family and, as you can see, it made itself right at home. I always thought zebra’s would be messy in a house.
I just don’t know what to say about this costume Kelly made last year for her nephew. When it came to my inbox I immediately shared it with my husband who had already seen it on Flickr. He was, no doubt, immediately scheming to make one of his own. When Kelly sent in the costume she mentioned this year’s project and I’ve been waiting to see it ever since. Wish granted.
This costume wasn’t made for a child but I can think of quite a few costumes for kids which could incorporate the plane. Melissa (another one!) won two costume parties this past weekend with these Patsy Cline and Buddy Holly costumes.

Find more Halloween costumes, crafts, decorations and treats from our archives here.

Melissa Summers
About the Author

Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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  • Jennifer

    Oh man, I am late to this. These are all great.
    My 4 month old daughter was a lunch lady.

  • melissaS

    I love that!

  • OK, we changed things up a bit, and ditched the hat, turning the Hoe-enstein costume into a Hex Girl, from Scooby Doo fame:
    I think the trick was getting two sizes too big.

  • i bought the old navy monkey costume for almost 50 bucks on ebay. because it was a MONKEY! i think i will give it away on my blog. someone else should use it.

  • Oh, the Old Navy monkey costume. I about died when I saw it back in September. Because, as jenB said, it was a monkey! And, my daughter totally has all their monkey outfits. But, no, she was Dorothy. A painstakingly home-crafted Dorothy. 🙂

  • Krissy

    Hi Melissa:
    The robot costume wasn’t actually that hard. I just get a little obsessive-complusive when it comes to a craft project.
    Once you cut head and arm holes in a box and spray paint it silver, a lot of the work is done.
    The big lights I used were those battery-operated ones you push in to turn on….$1 for a pack of two at the dollar store.
    The colorful large square “buttons” is actually a plastic pill box that I painted. I used mostly recycled items, because I’m cheap 🙂 and covered them in paint or aluminum foil. A hot glue gun works great for this project. Your husband may enjoy making it.

  • Laura

    No, I didn’t pay 50.00 for the monkey, I paid UNDER regular price, because I had some store credit from a while ago, whenI bought a bad maternity dress and needed to return it.
    and I do call him my little it was just super fitting.

  • OK, obnoxious brag here … you missed my lil’ monsters all dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2:

  • Aleasha

    Ok, help. I’m looking for a cute owl costume for my youngest son, who’s in 18 month old clothing, and I absolutely LOVE the one that your friend made for Ryland. I would love more information on how that’s done, or even if your friend would be interested in making one for us… Thanks!