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Great Handmade Gifts For Mother’s Day

By Melissa Summers

kitchen towel with child's written recipe Mother’s Day is once again around the corner. Holidays have a way of doing this, coming around each year, don’t they? Last year I shared some fabulous last minute gift ideas for moms, you can see them here. This year I’ve come up with five reasonably easy and still lovely gifts you can help your kid make for their mother. (Pretend I’m talking to all the dads right now. You can share this with them.)

My son’s preschool class did a craft like this cute recipe dish towel. Each child shared their favorite dish their mother’s make and how they thought it was made. My son mentioned my chicken pot pie and his recipe was very helpful. “Take some vegetables, chicken and soup or something. Mix them together and put a sort of bread on top. I think.” Look out Julia Child! For this project your child’s recipe with a picture is put onto Iron on Transfer paper and adhered to a dish towel.

hands made of plasterMartha offers up this plaster hand casting project as a gift idea. I have a cast of my now nine-year-old’s baby hand and I can’t tell you how touching it is, especially now that she’s nearly a double digit. It’s the kind of gift that gets more special each year as your kid’s hand grows. You can follow the direction at the Martha Stewart site, or find a cast kit at your local craft store.

paper daffodils Flowers are always a big hit with moms, especially in the spring when we’re all relishing the newness of everything coming back to life after a long winter. However, save the cut flower gifts for your kids once they’re young adults and forget all about Mother’s Day requiring a frantic last minute call to a florist. These Paper Daffodils are an incredibly simple project even very small hands can do.

Framed floral bouquet Continuing with the flowers theme, I am in love with this Framed Bouquet by Brenda Ponnay.  With just a few supplies, you can easily create a beautiful, personalized piece of art that moms will surely love and appreciate. I know I wouldn’t hesitate to hang one of these one of these adorable creations in my home.

Even though as mothers we know that our kids love us,  sometimes it’s nice for moms to hear what exactly kids love about them.   This fun and super easy “10 Things I Love About You” flip book seems like the perfect way to let the mamas know why they are special and loved.

In case I don’t get a chance to say it later, may your Mother’s Day be everything you’d like it to be.

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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