Last Minute Mother’s Day: buy a waffle iron at your own risk. (Mother’s Day Gift Ideas)

By Melissa Summers

Hi! It’s Wednesday but I was under the impression it was Tuesday because I am a creature of habit and going on a vacation which ends on a Monday throws my life out of whack entirely. Oops!
I’m sure you browsed all the very helpful Mothers Day Gift Guides like this one and this one. I’m sure you’ve already ordered your Mother’s Day gifts off Amazon using Amazon Prime because you love the mothers (or spouse-hint, hint) in your life. Others among us have a difficult time planning ahead, because we think it’s Tuesday when it’s Wednesday.
gas.jpgHere’s a great round up of excellent last minute gift ideas for mothers. Easiest, grab a magazine on your way to brunch and tell your mom you’ve bought a subscription (don’t forget to follow up after brunch). Nicest, fill your mom’s gas tank, take it through a car wash and you’re back in the will. Funniest, buying your mother’s name as a .com. My mother’s blog would read like this, “I think I broke it.” Because she is convinced computers break because you type on them too hard.
wheelofaffection.jpgKids are lucky, they have their mothers convinced handmade gifts are the best. With a little paper, glue and crayons you’re able to create a Mother’s Day surprise even at the last moment. Family Fun is full of great ideas. I love the Wheel Of Affection, mostly because I like to imagine it being said in exclamation points ala Wheel! Of! Fortune! Perhaps you have a mother (or spouse-hint, hint) who enjoys eating, why not make her queen for a day?
tissuecherryblossom.jpgSometimes my children’s craft projects, though brimming with love, leave a little to be desired. Especially my son’s projects because he is not particularly fond of the fine arts and so I often get a card consisting of a pencil scribble and MAX. Which is really heartwarming, only not really. I love this Tissue Cherry Blossom Tree and if both my kids (and my spouse -hint hint) worked on it it might contain more than one blossom and a scribbled note reading MAX.
silhouettesplate.jpgWondertime offers up some neat ideas for honoring mothers. Some are so sappy they make my cold cynical heart pucker like it just licked a lemon. But then others are sweet and simple and worth browsing since you’re working this out at the last minute, when it’s last minute default to the sap. My personal favorites, packing up a breakfast basket for a mother in your neighborhood who’s going through a difficult divorce or other stressful time. I think this would be sweet for a new mother in your neighborhood as well. Another mom shared her daughter’s sweet gift, a jar full of strips of paper listing all the things she loves about her mother. That is so sweet I think I just got diabetes. Also at Wondertime, but a little more involved, this silhouette idea. You know how I feel about silhouettes.
dreamdinners.jpgI am pretty fond of meal prep shops, where you go to prepare meals for your family to store in the freezer. No shopping, chopping or washing of dishes. There are many of these places across the country like Dream Dinners and Supper Thyme, which are offering gift certificates for a prep session. I’ll warn you though, this is treading quite close to the waffle iron gift, “Here’s something for you, which is really making more work for you.” I’m including it though because I love having all my meals already done for me and I enjoy having the time to make the food with my friends without interruption.
If all else fails you can give the mom (or spouse hint-hint) in your life a few hours of time alone.

Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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  • Divrchk

    We have a meal prep place near me in Virginia called Let’s Dish. All of their meals are delicious. I would love that as a gift.

  • Great gift ideas! Cheap but very sweet. They’re all beyond the ordinary. Most of all, the ideas are something that you can do without letting your super mom notice that you remembered her day. Perfect isn’t it?
    Now, let me tell you my favorite – the silhouette idea! Unlike food, you mom can put it on her bedside table and everyday she’ll be reminded about the way and the time you gave it to her. It’s like she’s celebrating Mother’s Day everyday.

  • Valorie

    Too bad my husband already gave me a waffle iron for my birthday. hrmph.