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Kids Photo Scavenger Hunt

By Melissa Summers

It feels like we just got the kids back into school after their holiday break. Then, when we’re all feeling cooped up because it’s 12 degrees outside, the school says, “Here why don’t you entertain them at home for a while.”

We decided to try out a photo scavenger hunt because my kids love having free reign over a camera (my very old Canon Elph) and it’s something we could do mainly inside.

Remember the Burning Daylight series over the summer? This activity was good for burning a full hour of daylight and since it made no mess and required very few supplies I’m going to recommend the activity to you.

I went to Flickr to inspire our list of ‘finds’. The Kid’s Monthly Scavenger Hunt group had a handy list, but appears to be a non-active group. I used September’s list which was made up of all ‘C’ words. I think making all your subjects start with one letter will help you not only make a list for the game on your own, it will also help young kids with their letters.

Max was really interested in getting the shots but not as interested in learning about how to take pictures and since the camera he was using is old, a lot of them are out of focus. If we keep doing this activity I may add some technical help to the plan.

Still he had fun.

Child photographing candles
Max’s pictures and the list we used:

Crayon, Cloud
Chocolate, Chair
Car, Cow
Can, Coat,
Cat, Celebration
Colorful, Camera
Class, Cake
Chain, Coffee
Candle, Corn
Photo scavenger hunt pictures
Feel free to let your kids loose with a camera.

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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