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Simple DIY Baby Shower Gifts

Simple DIY Baby Shower Gifts

By Melissa Summers

I’m a big fan of DIY baby shower gifts. And before you get nervous and think I’m going to recommend that you decoupage a crib for the mother-to-be, let me say that while I love a good handmade gift, I prefer things which don’t require painting or sewing or any special skills like knitting. Although, in my opinion, you really should learn to knit. It’s so relaxing, and handmade baby sweaters are the sweetest gift. Also babies are small so their sweaters take nearly no time.

Anyway, here are five easy handcrafted baby gifts that you can put together at home, no knitting required.

Welcome, Baby!

1. Theme basket. This involves no crafting skills at all, unless you count tying a bow as crafting. Choose a theme for your basket, ideally something the new parents will not have thought to stock up on or will need in greater quantities than they think they will, and arrange it in a cute basket or tote. If the new parents are interested in making their own baby food, for example, you could do a basket with all the things they will need, including a cook book (AlphaMom’s Amy recommendsCooking for Baby“) and ice cube trays (to freeze the food). Other options would be a nursing basket (nipple cream, nursing pads and a pair of super-soft pajamas), a monthly photo basket (signs for each month, a pretty blanket for a backdrop, a gift certificate for prints or a photo book) or a laundry supplies basket (Dreft and stain sticks and lingerie bags to contain all the teeny tiny socks).

2. Bushel of books. Gather your family’s favorite children’s books and pack them in a cute bushel basket wrapped in cellophane. Mix up board books and picture books for bigger tots, because babies grow fast. Isabel is a fan of the Baby Lit board books — classic literature for little hands! And I love these little photo books — like a tiny photo album for the baby. You (or the parents) can fill it with pictures of people who live far away, like aunts and uncles and grandparents. Or you can just put your own picture on every page because obviously you’re going to be the baby’s favorite. Also, a pro tip: Skip the classics, like “Goodnight Moon” and “Pat the Bunny,” because everyone buys those and the mom-to-be doesn’t need six copies of the same book.

3. Portable diaper changing station. I never used our changing table when my kids were in diapers (thankfully, ours was just the top of a dresser with a pad). Instead, I kept changing supplies in a basket in the living room where we spent most of our time. This was especially useful when my son was a baby because leaving my two-and-a-half-year-old daughter alone while changing her rival’s diaper could have resulted in some serious mayhem. A lightweight woven basket filled with all the diaper changing essentials — diapers, wipes, a washable pad (or three) to protect the floor or sofa, and some really great diaper cream — would make an excellent gift. And the basket can be repurposed later to hold toys or laundry! Or, diapers for the next baby.

Best Baby Shower Gifts4. Homemade bibs. Martha Stewart’s hand towel bibs require a very, teeny, tiny, miniscule amount of sewing. I know I said no sewing, but these are too cute to leave off my list — and think how impressed your friends will be when you coyly admit that yes, you made these bibs, with your own hands. Aside from finishing the edges where you cut the opening for the bib, these come together with one simple lollipop shaped cut. Bibs are always useful — I had a couple of very drooly little teethers, so I know first hand how helpful it is to have a lot of bibs around. And cute bibs are really a bonus because honestly, a new mom can only stand so many golf-themed “I LOVE DADDY” bibs.

5. Nightlight shade. If you refuse to sew but still want to give something you made with your actual hands, you could put together a simple nightlight shade. This is just cutting and pasting, like in kindergarten! You’ll need a small nightlight with a shade, pretty fabric and fabric glue. Cut the fabric to fit over the shade, glue it into place, and you’re done. The baby’s parents will thank you when they are stumbling into the nursery at 3:00 am and your adorable nightlight prevents them from crashing into something and breaking a toe.

Finally, if you’re feeling super creative, you could make our Really Useful Diaper Cake. (Hint: The “really useful” part isn’t the diapers, it’s the bottle of champagne in the center.) Although if you give that as a gift it pretty much guarantees that all of your friends will get pregnant so that they can have a booze-filled diaper cake, too.

What’s your go-to baby shower gift?

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Photo source: Depositphoto/amarosy, Martha Stewart

Published February 1, 2008. Last updated October 2, 2017.
Melissa Summers
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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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