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NEW YORK (AP) – There are channels that focus on food, garden and home, but now comes Alpha Mom TV, a 24-7 channel devoted to parenting and catering specifically to mothers.
It features programming about child-rearing issues, including nutrition and safety, and women’s issues, such as how women can maintain their sense of self once they become mothers. Maternity designer Liz Lange created four fashion shows, one for each trimester of pregnancy plus the post-natal period.
Other shows focus on practical parenting, tackling baby gear, travel and sleep issues.
All content will be reviewed by members of an advisory board that consists of doctors, psychologists and fitness instructors specializing in pediatrics and childhood development.
Alpha Mom TV is launching with five hours of programming, edited into 15-minute packages, in several markets as a digital cable video-on-demand network, which is intended to allow busy parents to watch the shows that most interest them when it is most convenient for them.
“Alpha Mom TV is our way of supplying moms with the necessary parenting information around-the-clock,” says Isabel Kallman, a former Wall Street executive who left the world of finance when her first child was born. She is the co-founder of Alpha Mom TV.
She adds: “Becoming a mother is a scary thing. We hope to empower moms with knowledge through Alpha Mom TV, which will take some of the fear out of becoming a mother.”


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