Tween Secrets. The Secret Lives of Tweens.



Their secrets are anonymous, but real. We asked the AllyKatzz girls: “Got secrets you want to share but afraid to even tell your best friend for fear of what she’ll think? Want to read secrets from other girls so you can see that you aren’t the only one with secrets?” To quote one 12-year-old girl, “I am an ocean of secrets.” Below are a few of their anonymous SECRETS.
Read them with your daughter, and add a few of your own secrets. Even if they think you’re a strange adult, girls do want to know about your life when you were their age. It’s a great way to start talking about important, but not so easy to talk about subjects.
Warning #1: Bad idea to try to get your daughter to tell you her secrets – let her make that move. I’ll share more tween secrets in future columns. Could one of these girls be your daughter?
Warning #2: These quotes are littered with spelling and grammatical mistakes. Rather than write “[sic]” everywhere, here’s our PSA.

  • “i used to think(when i was 6) that you could catch being gay as a disease!”
  • “i really don’t want to become an alchohalic like my dad was. There i said it. My dad went to rehab, and has been sober for a few years now. His dad died from alcholhal, and i could become an alchohalic if its in my blood. i’m worried about like everything. i wish i didn’t have this pressure to get the greatest grades ever.”
  • “I cutt my wrist before and I wanna do it more but I cant and I wont. Sometimes I want to jsut kill my self but…I am in love!!”
  • “i have fish that won’t die and i want to just flush them down the toilet”
  • “im straight but sometimes me and my bff (whos a girl) pretend to have sex with our clothes still on. we still like boys and were not bi (maybe she is…idk) but i just had to let this out. dont think im gross or anything. and on youtube sometimes i type in bad things.”
  • “secretly i hate pink but i pretend to like it for some reson that’s unknown.”
  • “ok my secret is that, i tell my friends i have bf from a different school. the fake one i have now apperently we make out on the weekends, have done it, and he is super hottt! but i dont have him and im afraid that my friends wil find out i have never been kissed! IM 14!!!!!!!”

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      OMG I can totally relate, glad to see this site exists.

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