Tween Girls Want a Boy Kiss



Here’s what else AllyKatzz girls are saying:
from oh-so-crazyteen
“i don’t have a boyfriend. but if i did i wouldn’t care if he gave me things or not. to me having a boyfriend would be good enough! lol!”
from goodcharlotte
“My boyfriend and I kiss regularily so it wouldn’t be much of a gift for an extra one. I love notes but we also write eachother notes then hide them on them (put them in our binders, lockers, pocket, backpact, etc) I don’t know. :]”
from just_a_random_name
“if I had a boyfriend, (which I DON’T!), then I would like something funny, like a note with a joke on it. I’m really into guys who can make me laugh. :)”


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One Response to “Tween Girls Want a Boy Kiss”

  1. Another Random Name Sep 16 at 10:06 am Reply

    I’m with the girl who is into guys that can make her laugh.

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