Girls Say What?



Mom: “What happened in school today?”
Daughter: “Nothing.”
Mom: “Really, nothing happened?”
Daughter: Yep. Nothing.”
End of conversation.
Daughter goes straight to her bedroom… her fingers are flying… Texting, IMing. Now she’s talking.
Girl Confidential is your ultimate guide to what girls ages 10-15 are REALLY saying, thinking, doing and dreaming – straight from their blogs (with permission). SECRETS, boys, fashion, celebrities, school, parents, siblings, mean girls, best friends, eating disorders, books, movies, sex, stress, music and everything tween. I’ll unwrap it all for you… tips on how to speak her language and find out what “nothing” really means.


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As the founder of, the safe social networking site for tween girls, Denise Restauri is directly tapped into the tween girl world every day.

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