Candy Rope Friendship Knots for Valentine’s Day



These friendship knots made from candy rope are quick, easy, and fun for older kids to make themselves as Valentine’s Day exchange gifts. With our printable bag topper you can download, cut out, and staple to the top of baggies, this works out looking very cute and being an inexpensive class valentine to boot. It’s often hard to find a valentine that seems appropriate for all children, but most kids love tying knots and eating candy, so this should be a hit with everyone.

valentine craft candy friendship knot

All you need are: enough print-outs of the bag topper (four to a page on letter sized paper), some clear cellophane treat bags to put the candy in, and a decent pile of candy rope cut into lengths of about five inches (I used cherry whips and sour apple whips, but there are so many kinds of candy or liquorice rope available and pretty much all of them will work for this). You don’t have to use two colors, but it looks nice if you do, and it also makes it easier for the kids to see how the knot is tied. The pile you can see below was enough to make up valentines for two classes of thirty kids.

valentine craft candy friendship knot

You’ll need a stapler to seal the treat bags, a pen to write your name and the names of your friends, and some scissors to cut out the bag toppers, but that’s it.

Here’s the easy four-step instructions for tying your friendship knots (also printed on the back of the bag topper).

valentine craft candy friendship knot

This is what your knots should look like when done. I put one completed knot and two extra lengths of rope in each bag, so that the kids could try making their own right away.

valentine craft candy friendship knot

Helpful hint: If your knots are a bit springy and look like they may loosen themselves too easily, just give them a little squish with a glass on a plate to help them keep their shape while bagged up.

valentine craft candy friendship knot

All you have to do now is bag them up and staple on the valentine toppers. Once you’ve written your names on, they are all ready to hand out for Valentine’s Day.

valentine craft candy friendship knot

Tasty, chewy, sugary, fine motor skill practice for all!

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  1. Wendy Feb 06 at 10:50 am Reply Reply

    These are awesome and easy! Thanks

  2. Stella Mar 06 at 8:45 pm Reply Reply

    I love this!!!!


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