Too Sexy Halloween



By Denise Restauri

I went to a Halloween social the other night, and the top 3 costumes were a French maid who was wearing a size 6X kids top as a dress and the neckline and shoulders were past her bra! The other 2 were an army dress that was so short you could see her underwear and the third was a nurse’s outfit with handcuffs that was worse than the French maid outfit.

What makes this really scary is that it’s from a 13-year-old girl.
It doesn’t stop there. Add Playboy bunny, sexy devil, Victoria’s Secret model and a butt revealing Alice in Wonderland.
If you’re thinking, “Where’s the scary police officer when you need her?” Look in the boy department. That’s where the scary costumes are. Sexy is for girls only. Imagine that.
What’s really frightening is that girls are not making these costumes. Adults are responsible: manufacturers make them, retailers push them and parents buy them. Girls are not spending their own money on these getups – parents are paying for them. Parents need to say “NO!” for many reasons including this one: studies show that the over sexualization of girls correlates with eating disorders, depression and early sex. Ok, so one Halloween costume isn’t going to make your daughter depressed, anorexic and sexually active. But if your daughter needs to send a sexual message on Halloween, you need to find out what why she wants to be young and sexy.
See how tween girls answer this question: “Has Halloween Become Way Too Sexy For You?” They also give some great non-sexy costume tips.


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  1. liza Oct 31 at 8:37 am Reply

    Eye-opening. Great blog.

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