Father’s Day Craft: Origami Card



My son brought this darling card home from school for Father’s Day a few years ago.


You open it up and there is plenty of room to write dad a sweet note.

This card was actually really quick and simple to make. All you need is an 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheet of typing paper for the shirt and a scrap of paper for the tie.

Fold each side in to the middle.

Open up the page and fold in the bottom corners.

Again fold sides to the middle.

Fold bottom up (at the top of where the bottom corners were folded in). Slightly open back up the bottom fold. Fold area above the fold at an angle and push straight edge of first bottom corner folds out to form a point (it will be the shirt sleeve).

It should look like this when finished.

Turn paper over and fold down the top edge about 1/2″

Turn card back over and fold each top corner to the center.

Bring bottom of paper up to the top.

Tuck the bottom edge under the collar of the shirt and then crease the bottom.

Now for the tie. Cut a tie shape about 5 3/4″ long by 3/4″ wide and the top to 1″ wide at the bottom.

Fold top behind at an angle about 2 ” from the top.

Bring the top edge over the top and across the tie.

Now tuck the end behind the tie.

Glue the tie to the front of the card under the collar.

Decorate and you have an awesome card to let dad know how special he is!

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11 Responses to “Father’s Day Craft: Origami Card”

  1. Melanie May 15 at 11:07 am Reply Reply

    That is too too cute! I love this idea, ty for sharing

  2. EcoLabel Fundraising May 16 at 3:55 pm Reply Reply

    That is a very cute card! homemade gifts are the most loved!

  3. Lorena Jun 09 at 12:11 am Reply Reply

    Thanks for sharing, it’s a great idea and the instructions are so clear.

  4. Meagan Jun 15 at 6:45 pm Reply Reply

    I used this to make Father’s Day cards for my boyfriends grandfather, father, and step-father, as well as my own father – incredibly simple, and I’m sure they will be shocked.

  5. Alyssa Jun 16 at 4:16 pm Reply Reply


  6. Marie Jun 17 at 1:10 pm Reply Reply

    I helped my grade 3 students make these as Father’s Day cards. They loved it! Cute and easy to make. Everyone was impressed. :)

  7. Julie Jun 18 at 7:43 am Reply Reply

    They made this in a stampin up class I missed, glad you had it on here so I could make it!!!!!!
    Thanks so much!

  8. Zoe&mom Jun 19 at 11:27 am Reply Reply

    We just made these for Father’s Day. We experimented with 8.5X11 and 8.5X14 paper and decided to go with legal (8.5X14) paper for a little bit longer shirt. We glued three buttons on one instead of a tie to look a little more like a polo shirt. Great fun!! Thanks so much!!!

  9. Kristin Sellars Jun 20 at 11:43 am Reply Reply

    So cute!! I linked it to my blog :)

  10. kyle Aug 29 at 1:44 am Reply Reply

    thanks for the tie and shirt now my dad will like fathers day that much more :)

  11. Sharon Sep 05 at 2:09 am Reply Reply

    A great idea – my daughter did one of these in Grade 1; however, this is a different design that is really interactive, very realistic fun and any Dad on Father’s Day would this card!

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