Easter Craft: Rubber Stamped Easter Eggs



I’ve seen tutorials about stamped Easter eggs but what makes this one special is that the eggs are still edible. In those tutorials, the eggs need to be hollowed out because of the stamp ink. However, I found a way around that!


* Edible Food Markers – you can easily find these at the larger craft stores in the baking section
* New Small rubber stamps that will fit on an egg – It’s important that you use rubber stamps opposed to the new clear ones. The ink doesn’t adhere to the clear stamps. It’s also important that the stamps have never been used before or are clean of any ink. Last, the stamps need to be small so they will fit on the surface of the egg. The only way around this is using an unmounted rubber stamp that can bend.
* Boiled Eggs
* Food coloring


To dye boiled eggs, mix together 1 cup boiled water, 20 food coloring drops, and a Tbs of vinegar. Leave in solution until eggs are a desirable color. Let dry.


Using the food markers, color the stamp.


Stamp eggs. Let dry.


Admire your work!


My son decided to draw on the eggs directly with the markers. That’s fun too.

*The ink will go through the egg shell and show on the egg a little.

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2 Responses to “Easter Craft: Rubber Stamped Easter Eggs”

  1. Amy Apr 01 at 3:27 pm Reply Reply

    How incredibly cute! (I didn’t know there were food safe markers…)

  2. zakka life Apr 02 at 9:44 am Reply Reply

    I used the Wilton Food writer for this project. They’re great for writing on all kinds of food, cookies, fruit,toast,etc.

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