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Have you heard about how the Connecticut Parent-Teacher Association is decorating the new school for the children of Sandy Hook with thousands of paper snowflakes? It’s a small gesture but a valiant one. Maybe, just maybe seeing all those snowflakes from people all over the world who are worried about them and care about them will make their first day back to school a tiny bit better.

We had already planned to make these Angry Birds snowflakes, since we seem to have a thing for Angry Birds. So, when we heard about Snowflakes for Sandy Hook, we thought they would be just the thing for elementary school-aged kids. We’d send ours to them and encourage you to do the same.

Here is the Angry Birds snowflake template to print, if you’d like to make your own.

First cut along the dotted line to create a square. Then fold the remaining square in quarters and cut along the dotted lines.

Cutting the eyes might be a bit difficult for little fingers but they are sure to appreciate the end result.

I chose not to discuss the news story of the Sandy Hook Elementary school tragedy with my first grader. It’s a little too much for us right now but I know someday we will have to talk about this. For now, she just knows she’s sending some snowflakes in the mail to some kids her age who need cheering up.

There really is nothing like paper snowflakes.

She helped me address the envelope.

Stuffed it with love….

And off it goes from our hearts to theirs. Maybe you’ll join us?

Please send your Snowflakes for Sandy Hook by January 12, 2013.

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