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I have been saving this project and photos in my folder for almost a year now. August is a big activities month for us as my son is done with camp and we try to be at the beach as much as possible. But, being on the beach during peak sun hours is not such a good idea. So, we’re always looking for quick projects that can entertain my son, whose attention span is still a wee too short.
Luckily there was a Michael’s near our beach rental and we were able to entertain ourselves with this Martha Stewart puppet kit.
But look at how cute these puppets are.
Here’s the whole cast of characters.
Everything is supposed to come in your kit, but I suggest having a glue stick and double-sided scotch tape on hand as the sticky-thingies provided were just lacking.
I’m looking to stock up on more kits to have handy on an extra-hot or rainy day. So far, I’ve found this one, also by Martha Stewart. Any others out there that I should know about?


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One Response to “Making Paper Bag Puppets”

  1. Toddler Craft Onna Aug 03 at 1:57 pm Reply Reply

    Wow those are absolutely adorable!! How fun! I need to create a kit to make those!

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