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Photo from Rookies Moms
It’s not too late to have your child raise some Painted Lady Butterflies in your home and then set them FREE. All you need is that the outdoors temperature is in the 50s (though you could keep them indoors during the colder weather, but NAH…set them free).
We did this this summer and it was so much fun and educational. My son learned the importance of taking care of delicate creatures (all three phases: caterpillar, cocoon and newly-hatched butterfly) and the excitement of watching their development. After one week or so– not to long for an impatient boy– our butterflies were freed.
And, we were not alone. Our friend, Whitney of Rookie Moms and her son, also raised some beauties.
Our butterfly kit yielded over 10 butterflies, since it came with some “spares” which I guess is a-greater-than-normal result. (Or, maybe we’re just superior at this stuff. **Snort.**) Our kit came complete with larvae, food and butterfly net.
Just open the package and get thee to butterfly farming.
Next up…frogs?


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