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Bubble Making, Sidewalk Chalk & Playdough

By Melissa Summers

It’s almost July which means I’ve made it through two weeks of summer break without killing anyone. Wow, I’m amazing. In this time frame I’ve also made it through several jars of play-doh, a few gallons of bubbles and more quarts of sidewalk paint than I’d like to add up. While at Target yesterday looking for more bubbles and chalk I thought, “Hey! Instead of paying for this, maybe we can make a project out of creating these things and burn additional hours of daylight.

Playdough Last week at a playgroup (where adults consumed alcohol, no one was maimed) 10 kids gathered around a table for over half an hour playing nicely together. Of course by the time they were done the play doh was a little dried out and smooshed together into one ball of many colors. Homemade play dough is cheaper than store bought and easier to use, in my opinion. Here are several recipes to make with your kids and check out this clever idea for coloring play dough.

sidewalk chalk Sidewalk chalk and paint is a continual hit in our house. I can usually find pretty good bargains on sidewalk chalk but the way my kids and their pals plow through the sidewalk paint makes my debit card weep. You can make your own sidewalk chalk using powdered tempura, water and plaster of paris. I think my kids will have fun thinking of items to use as molds for their chalk. Chalk paint is even more simple to make, which is ironic since it typically costs substantially more than regular sidewalk chalk. Just mix cornstarch, water and food coloring. Make a big batch because kids love this stuff.

bubbles At another play date, ten kids, ranging from 2 to 8 years old, spent over an hour taking turns blowing bubbles for each other and chasing the bubbles. It’s nice when I see our kids taking joy in such simple activities because sometimes I think they’ve had their imaginations sucked out by the television. Not only did the kids spend an hour entertained, they also used up a 64 ounce container of bubble solution. This site has several bubble recipes to make with your kids. Put the bubbles in a large plastic jug and let them have at it.
I have a few goals for my kids this summer. I want the kids to have a reasonable amount of fun, I want to burn as much daylight as possible each day without wanting to kill anyone. I also want them to develop more independence, not relying on me to do everything for them. A large part of this goal is going to involve me letting them make messes and do things their own way. I’m thinking letting them make bubbles and sidewalk paint and do whatever they please with them is a good start. As long as it’s all done outside.

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Melissa Summers

Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.


Melissa Summers was a regular contributor writing Melissa’s Buzz Off.

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