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Kid-Friendly Activities At Your Door With BabbaBox

By Rachel Meeks

This post is sponsored by BabbaCo makers of the BabbaBox, fun activities delivered to your mailbox. Below is a giveaway opportunity for one lucky reader to experience a BabbaBox.

A BabbaBox is an activity box that is delivered to you and arrives on your doorstep to help you create, explore, story tell, and connect with your kids.

When asked if I wanted to review a BabbaBox, I took one look at the BabbaCo website, thought that the crafts and enrichment activities would be perfect for my kids, and replied, “Sign me up!”

My kids are two and six years old, and the BabbaBox is designed for kids ages three to six. You can sign up to receive a BabbaBox through a monthly or annual subscription.

When it arrived, the way it is packaged makes me think this would work well as a gift.

As I opened the box, the first thing I noticed is the kid-sized scissors, and thank goodness, because we have scissors, but they always disappear, and this way I wouldn’t have to go looking for them before we could start. The BabbaBox is complete with everything you need to do the crafts and activities, including glue, colored pencils, and even googly eyes.

Each BabbaBox focuses on a monthly theme, and this month’s theme is “feelings.” The activities are designed to help kids express emotions, and the supplemental materials help parents engage with their child as they do the activities together.

This box contains two projects to create: feelings magnets and sock puppets.

My kids loved making the sock puppets. The sock puppet craft is more involved than what I would normally do on my own, but having the materials ready and the step-by-step instructions makes it easy.

Every box has two or three hands-on projects to create together. Both of my kids could participate and share the contents. I was glad there were two sock puppets so they could each make one.

The activity to explore was a creative idea. The kids put on spy glasses to observe other people’s feelings. Our glasses broke as I took them out of the box. The company’s policy is to send a replacement as soon as possible if something in the box is missing or defective, but I just taped them back together. Then the kids ran around and asked people what they were feeling to record it in their feelings journal.

Because there are so many activities and suggestions in a BabbaBox, I think the best way is to focus on one activity per day so you can make the most of it instead of racing through all of them at once.

The book for story telling emphasized caring for other people and empathy. My almost three-year-old was drawn in by the illustrations.

Included with the subscription is an age-appropriate app that you can download for an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. There is even a bonus gift for mom included inside the box—- a small back massager to take away feelings of stress.

I think my kids would definitely look forward to receiving a package like this in the mail every month full of activities that we can do together.

Giveaway & Discount for our Readers:
We will be giving away one BabbaBox to a lucky reader. Just leave a message in the comment box below telling us a favorite crafting memory you have (with kids or as a kid!). We’ll be accepting entries until Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 at 11:59pm EST. A winner will be selected using and then contacted via the email address s/he lists below.  The winner will be contacted via email. If the winner fails to respond within 48 hours, another random winner will be selected. Giveaway only open to contestants 18 years or older and residents of the U.S. Only one entry per person, please. Good Luck!

The Giveaway is now over. Thank you for entering. We will be contacting the winner via email and then posting the announcement here.

Also, BabbaCo is offering 20% off one BabbaBox using the coupon code: AM20OFF.

[UPDATE: BabbaCo just is giving us ANOTHER special back-to-school pack promotion to offer you: the first 3 months of the membership for 33% off (Only $20 per box!). Here’s the code: AM33BTS]


About the Author

Rachel Meeks

Rachel Meeks is the voice behind the popular blog Small Notebook, a resource for simplifying and organizing your home. (Because it’s so much easier to b...

Rachel Meeks is the voice behind the popular blog Small Notebook, a resource for simplifying and organizing your home. (Because it’s so much easier to be a parent when you’re not surrounded by a ton of stuff.)

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  • Tristan K.

    The kiddos and I made rainclouds using a cup of water and shaving cream on the top. We then added food color to the top of the shaving cream to mimick the clouds getting heavy with water and then “raining.” They loved it!

  • Kari E

    My daughter (3) is really interested in sewing, so I’m enjoying making memories with her as we talk about how the sewing machine works!

  • Brittany

    I’m always looking for activities to do with my toddler.  This looks like a lot of fun 🙂

  • BV

    I loved making dream catchers.

  • kelli

    My son loves to paint. In face, our master bedroom features his artwork above our bed! Love that he likes to be creative. He is 2.

  • Oh!  This looks great!  My daughter loved when I painted her feet and she made ghosts, or her hands and she made bunnies and hearts for her grandparents!

  • Katherine

    I loved making plaster masks!

  • jL

    My two year old twins are really into drawing and “playing stickers” right now. My daughter is very intense about her coloring. And loves to say, “So pretty!” when she’s done.

  • Colleen

    My almost-2-year-old loves it when I get out the butcher paper and he can go to town with finger paints! I’m always looking for new things to expose him to, though, and these look great!

  • Ana

    It might be old school but my daughter LOVES “painting with her hands” 🙂

  • Jennifer B

    I WANT this!  My 3 year old loves paint and glue!  I used to love to color and loved the 3-D art projects in school.

  • Randi

    This would be an AWESOME gift for my niece.

  • Sally S.

    My favorite as a kid was paper mache, tons of mess but tons of fun too!! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Leigh

    I had a great time making suns on paper plates with my kids (14m and 3) this summer.

  • Jan

    We are having a lot of fun paintng! We spice it up by using not just our hands, but our feet and our bellies! Everyone gets to pick an object to use too – a leaf, a sponge, etc. (Ages 6 and 2yr old twins)

  • Leslie

    Sounds great. I remember my first craft was sewing with roving a felt doll when I was little. I loved it.

  • Jessica

    My favorite activity right now is finger painting with my 2 year old. It quickly becomes body painting but still lots of fun!

  • Kim

    My son loves to glue things- anything- so I just give him old birthday cards, business cards, or envelopes and let him paste them to poster boards to make collages.

  • Sarah

    What a great idea!  Anything with stickers or glitter as a kid and I was good to go!  

  • Allison

    My daughter loves to finger paint. My favorite memory is just letting go of the mess and letting her go crazy with the paints.

  • Milly Hernandez

    My husband and I made this past weekend with our 5 years old daughter a couple of robots made with toilet papel roll tube, we paint, decorate and our daughter had a really good and fun time. She loves to made crafts and paint and drawing. Our next project will be make some socks puppets and she wants to make a show puppets for us!! This box is an awesome idea, I love it!!! 

  • shel

    I always loved painting suncatchers with my mom and my sister and hanging them in the window on a sunny day!  My son is 15 months and I can’t wait until he’s old enough for some serious crafts!

  • Jenny

    My son is only 6 months old, but I remember a craft I did with my late grandmother.  She taught me and my three sisters how to make miniature boxes from Christmas, greeting, birthday cards.  At one family gathering, my sisters and I made hundreds of these little boxes, and then handed them out as gifts!  I can’t wait to show my son how it’s done!

  • Brooke

    My favorite crafting memories are making potholders, shrink-a-dinks and painting Christmas ornaments. I’d love to win this box and make future memories with my almost 2-year-old and 5-year-old!

  • Ally

    Well it’s not really crafting, but my kids’ favorite activity is getting a huge plate of shaving cream and adding food coloring to it. They love mixing it around and making new colors. 

  • I remember making potholders on looms. LOTS AND LOTS OF POTHOLDERS. Those things were awesome and you would get mesmerized by the “over under over under” and then get all angry because you couldn’t find another white loop but cream and it threw everything off! LOVED THAT! Incidentally, my niece started making them!

  • Michele

    I made St Patricks Day “clues” with little green footprints curtesy of my 6 month old and left them around the house. They had pictures to help my 2.5 year old know where to find the next clue (for example, a washing machine, a bed, a bathtub). The final clue sent her to the tub where she found a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end. The “gold” were chocolate coins that she got to enjoy. Fun!

  • Liz

    I love the theme of feelings. What an adorable, clever way to get kids to learn empathy!

  • Rachel

    I think I need help coming up with craft ideas for my 4 year old! She loves to finger paint and comes up with awesome stories about her projects!

  • Audrey

    A favorite childhood craft was making paper mâché volcano, how fitting for where we lived then (Hawaii). Will do this with my son soon, now that we are back in Hawaii!

  • paige

    My daughter’s learning how to sew and we made fabric napkins for her school lunches this year — she also made her little sister a pillow!

  • Belle Chang

    Making favorite Sesame Street characters with my son using Playdoh!

  • Kristel

    I loved doing art with my mom and brothers. We drew with pen and ink, oils, watercolors, pastels, crayons, and everything else. Now as a mom I use what I learned from my mom with my own kids!

  • Andee

    We’re currently coloring by numbers – it’s a lot of fun!

  • Alison

    We had a kit for mini lunch bag puppets that my mother-in-law gave my two year old before we got on an airplane to go home.  At first I though, “Great.  Crafts on a plane?  With a two year old?  Is she nuts?!”  They were GREAT!  The pieces were precut foamies with a peel off backing and just stuck right on like big stickers.  After making three puppets, my daughter played with them for the rest of the plane ride!

  • Caitlin

    My favorite crafting memory is from my childhood.  At my kindergarten we used to have “trash to treasure” where we brought in old egg cartons and things and made crafts out of them.  I also loved that we used old wallpaper samples to make covers for the books we wrote and had “published” by the school’s press (which was just a stamp) but it inspired me to do a lot of writing throughout my childhood.

  • Kat

    My son loves to paint, but my favorite craft as a kid was beading. We had a local store that kept beads is glass jars, and I loved poking through the jars to find pretty beads for jewelry and key chains.

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  • Stacy

    My favorite memories growing up are making tie-dyed shirts and god’s eyes. I love letting my kids have fun with the shaving cream and now my daughter is enjoying sewing kits. Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Carrie Phillips

    My favorite crafting memory was when my mom used to melt down our old crayon pieces and make new multicolored crayon shapes. I always thought she was just being crafty but I now realize that she was being thrifty as well!!!

  • Linda

    I love to watch my son paint!

  • Holly

    I always thought Playdough was the equivalent of crafting and that’s about as crafty as I get with my kids!

  • Aubrey M.

    My childhood was a crafting wonderland, as my mom had various crafty businesses when I was a kid. We were always making something fantastic!  One of my favorite things about this — more of an impression than a specific memory — was that I had access to just about anything I needed when inspiration hit.  I loved perusing her bottles of acrylic paint, boxes of beads, piles of fabric scraps.  It was great!  My son is almost three and just becoming interested in making things, so thank you for the chance to win!

  • Gerette

    I love teaching my seven year old to sew and knit and can’t wait to do the same with my five year old. It’s amazing to me how so many “old-fashioned” crafts have become popular again. When I first started doing needlepoint in my 20s, I remember getting a lot of odd looks.

  • Sarah Shaffer

    There is just something about shaving cream. Seriously, best craft supply ever. A $2 bottle of sheer entertainment. My kids get so excited about “painting the outside of our glass slidingdoor and then spraying it off with the hose (and I get a clean door!), making snow puff paint, putting it on each other’s faces and then “shaving” it off with a play razor. Love it!

  • Jessica

    I love that crafting has endless possibilities. I remember crafting with my mom (a perfectionist seamstress) when I was little and learning life skills along the way. Now, as a mom, I craft with my kids using other avenues. We use all kinds of supplies and tons of imagination. We make messes. We make projects. We make memories. We love crafting!

  • Rebekah

    My daughter and I made a rug for her doll house together. It was a fun time of connecting.

  • I’m not sure if it counts as “crafting,” but what came to mind were the (many) times my sister and I made homemade “Glamour Shots.”  We hung a sheet on the wall, picked out different outfits and accessories, props, etc.  We took Polaroids of it all.  So great.

  • Elaine

    Favorite crafting time with my girls was the most recent red white and blue bead necklaces for te 4th.

  • Every summer we rent a cottage. Each year I pick up four little canvases, one for each of us, and we all paint the scenery or something we want to remember from our holiday.  It is so lovely to look back and remember our holiday and see how much the little artists have grown. 

  • sue

    One of my favorite activities is making rock animals. Finding special rock with interesting shapes, gluing them together and then painting them. I have some that I made as a child, still.

  • Laurie

    One word: Shrinkydinks!!!

  • Sarah

    I’ve loved doing the simple things with my two girls (ages 2, 4): painting, stickers, play doh. I would love to try a Babbabox!

  • Theresa

    I “inheirited” my classrooom from a complete hoarder. I had enough tempera paint and newsprint rolls to last the next 20 years! I gave away some to a preschool, others to other teachers and still have enough in my room so I brought some home to have on hand for my own children. We stretched out a huge sheet of the paper on the sidewalk and then put paint in trays. My kids stepped in the paint and walked all over the paper. Instant adorable personalized wrapping paper! A few footprints stayed on the sidewalk for awhile. I loved seeing those.

  • Making sock puppets!

  • emaline

    We made  stamped Christmas cards years ago when my kids were small. I think its time to do that with the grandkids this year!

  • JenniferLee

    I remember glitter, glitter, glitter as a child!!

  • Katie

    I remember making birthday pinatas with by Dad – looking forward to getting into crafting with my kids

  • Pamela R

    I have so many crafty memories. Most recently my six year old wanted to make a birthday gift for my little one turning three. He drew a huge heart, picked out fabric and we made a heart pillow that is now loved by all. He even used the sewing machine and did a GREAT job!

  • rachel

    My son has been making Lego cities and pirate ships and stages (for performances) and designing things to sew to go on them. So we sewed a ship’s sail and knitted curtains for the stage, etc… He brings me the designs all drawn up and we look through my materials and find a way to make them. Good summer fun:-)

  • Kristin Andrews

    My kids (6 and 3) love getting into glue and glitter…it’s a crafting memory that I’ll love but the clean up can be a pain!

  • Alexis

    I bought a little wooden dinosaur at a craft store for less than a dollar and painted it with my then 2 year old. She had so much fun painting and now still plays with the dinosaur that she painted over a year later. 

  • Amanda

    My daughter loves to free paint with finger paints and dot markers.  One of my favorite crafts of hers is this past Easter’s handprint craft.

  • Carly

    My daughter just loves to make things – she loves to glue and use glitter and paint. She likes to create her own “centerpieces” out of paper and whatever else she can find. 🙂

  • DeLana

    We made sock puppets and then had a play…fun and I learned a lot more about my kids!

  • Donna Payne

    I’m a Grammy to a four year old boy. My favortie craft memory is when he and I decorated pumpkins for his parents and his other grandparents. So much fun!

  • Amanda

    I remember making Christmas ornaments by wrapping yarn dipped in glitter & glue around a balloon (then popping the balloon when dry).

  • June Jones

    I remember making a diorama for VBS. Even though I was ready for middle school, I so enjoyed the craft and it made me think about Moses being placed in a basket. I hope my son will enjoy crafts in the future.

  • Laura

    I made a Valentine’s Day craft with my son using his handprints – it was so much fun and a wonderful keepsake. In fact, it’s still hanging up on the side of our fridge!

  • Lori s.

    I loved drawing,  I usually drew pictures of girls is pretty dresses and colored them with markers or colored pencils

  • Rebekka

    My favorite crafting memory from my childhood is making autumn leaf collages with my mother – the kind that you press between wax paper and iron.  I do this craft every year with my own children and they love it too.  Their current favorite craft though is making fairy houses and gardens :).

  • Elizabeth S.

    our second baby was born a week before Father’s Day, and as a gift for my husband I made a framed set of our children’s handprints – it is one of our most loved pieces on the wall, but was crazy trying to get it done without smudging too much!

  • RD

    I used to love stamps and making birthday cards when I was a little girl. Actually, I still do! 

  • vanessa

    My favorite memory is making tissue paper roses and fairy wings with my nieces, and making Christmas tree ornaments out of salt dough, with my grandma’s Bavarian cookie presses.

  • Beth

    My daughter (4) loves painting.  I’ve always loved sewing and scrapbooking and would love to do more crafts with her.  

  • Mariah

    When I was in second grade, we made an Easter egg out of styrofoam. Then with glue, decorated it with bits of yarn, sequins and crushed egg shells. I can still remember the feeling of the egg shells in my hands. Happy memory!

  • Jen Womack

    My favorite activity right now is finger painting on canvas with my toddler. It quickly becomes body painting but still lots of fun! Plus, they make wonderful gifts.

  • Bitts

    I loved making gingerbread houses as a child, and now I love to do it with my own children!

  • Shelley

    I have a fond memory of making a tissue paper cherry blossom “tree” complete with bumble bees with my grandmother, clothes pin dolls with my mom, and homemade “play dough” ornaments with both. 

  • These remind me (a bit) of Sweet Pickles! Does anyone else remember those? Although this definitely looks to be of much higher quality and also more creative! 🙂 My favorite activity as a child was always reading, but a close second on the list was, weirdly enough, basket weaving. I took an art class in girl scouts on it and would make them for presents.

  • Connie

    I remember learning how to cross stitch as a very young girl.
    I taught my oldest daughter but she didn’t enjoy it as much as I do. I love to get back to it whenever I get a chance, though it is VERY seldom now 🙂

  • Cory

    We have been loving all kinds of painting – water color, finger painting, watered down paint in spray bottles – in our backyard this lovely summer!

  • Robin

    Crafts with my grand kids are the most fun. I have way more patience than I did with my own kids….

  • My beans and I love doing any kind of cooking/baking/building in the kitchen! Legos, crystal connectors, and especially food. Measuring, mixing, timing.

  • Holly

    What a fun idea!
    My favorite memory of crafting with my kids is when my then 5-year old decided she wanted to make a pillow(case) for her 2-year old sister. We picked Eric Carle “Very Hungry Caterpillar” fabric. My daughter measured, I cut, and she sewed it with a little help. She was so proud of herself, and her sister LOVED it.

  • Jennifer

    A recent favorite was using Shrinky-Dink papers to make name necklaces with my kids and some neighborhood kids. I traced their names on to the Shrinky Dink papers, and the kids decorated them with colored pencils. Then we baked and shrunk them and made necklaces!

  • Amy Kate

    In our house, we love to spray shaving cream into a muffin tin, mix with tempera paint, and paint! Another vivid memory of sweetness is both my boy and my girl with embroidery hoops in hand, figuring the mechanics of sewing. A BabbaBox looks like such fun! Many blessings!

  • Ellen

    We love making clay projects together. It’s messy, but it’s fun!

  • Rebecca

    My girls love to string beads on pipe cleaners to make all sorts of jewelry. 

  • Steph r

    I love coloring with the kids.

  • Laura

    Love it!!  I know some kids who would have a blast with that.  Love that it all comes ready to go! 

  • Laura

    I loved making gingerbread houses at the holidays.  Home-made pot holders on a little loom were fun too… mostly the “crafts” my mom had for us as kids included markers, drawing and stickers–occasionally some home-made play-doh. 

  • Heidi

    My favorite crafting activity just happened yesterday. I made homemade play dough with my twins and the process was fun from start to finish!

  • Terra B.

    When my son was 2 years old, we made daddy and Papa some father’s day shirts. I bought plain tshirts, used acrylic paints and had my son walk along the side of each shirt. So, it had footprints going up the side. On the pocket I wrote “I walk all over my daddy/Papa and he loves it!”

  • susan b.

    my farvorite craft would have to be paper maiche ballons!

  • My favorite would be etching into these aluminum pans with my mom, then using these smelly permanent markers to put pretty designs on. I have no idea what it’s called and I forgot about it until just now but suddenly, it’s one of my favorite memories.

  • Melissa B

    Last Christmas we made our own wrapping paper and gift tags using stamps and paint. It was fun and the results were lovely and more eco than commercial options.

  • Lisa

    I remember making sun catchers as a child. The kind where you use tweezers to place the colored crystals into the little frame of the sun catcher. Then bake in the oven and BEAUTY! So fun… 🙂

  • Erin Elizabeth

    As A kid I loved to cut plain paper up and make “hates” They were more like paper snow flakes that I would fit on my head but some how a spent hours doing it and loved it!

  • Cj

    Would love this for my three year old and eighteen month old!!

  • Katya

    Its hard to pick one, my daughter made me a hat out of wrapping paper and A LOT of glue yesterday, I think it is still drying 🙂

  • Annie Ferrante

    My favorite craft from my own childhood had to be making potholders. In fact, I still have (and use daily!) the potholder I made in first grade!!

  • eileen marie

    My favorite childhood “crafting” memory is when my mother came to school for “Pioneer Days” when my sister & I were in grammar school and baked Snickerdoodles with us!

  • Sarah

    My daughter and I have had such a fun time using watercolors this summer!

  • Amanda

    I had a Anytime, Anyplace Craft Case as a kid. My favorite thing was to take everything out, look at it, and put it back. I rarely used anything because I didn’t want to run out of something (OCD anyone?).  But it was my favorite thing!

    Now I love to color and draw with my kids, make play dough, paint. Wish I still had that craft box. My kids would get a HUGE kick out of it!

  • Laura J

    My favorite crafting memory is actually one I watched, rather than one I actively participated in. My oldest daughter (9) loves to sew. Right now, she’s working on a patchwork blanket for a 3-year-old at church. One afternoon, my middle daughter (4) wanted to help. Oldest is protective of her project, but she sat middle down with her and gave her a sewing lesson! Middle has got four little squares stitched together so far, and is contemplating a project of her own. They are so cute, sitting together and sewing.

  • Debra

    We ‘crafted’ houses for our trolls out of boxes… and spent hours decorating/designing them. I’d love to win this contest! Thanks….

  • My four year old loves crafting and making art.  She is just getting into paper dolls.  The other day she made her own doll all on her own.  She cut out her own doll shape and taped on arms, legs, a crown of course, and then colored the whole thing.  I love seeing her come up with a vision and then run with it.

  • My favorite crafting activities are making peanut butter pine cones and newspaper snow flakes the day before winter break  with my 3rd graders. We spend most of the year on a strict pacing schedule, but there is nothing planned for that minimum day right before Christmas and we all dig in and have a great time.

  • Christy S

    We love doing crafts, especially at CHristmas. Homemade gift paper and cards make it so much more meaningful.

  • Alana

    Favorite crafting memory: gingerbread houses at Christmas!

  • Megan

    My favorite craft as a kid was making friendship bracelets with my friends. With my almost two year old we have fun with painter’s tape (easy to take off and reapply) and different surfaces. Thanks!

  • April K.

    When I was a kid, we made firestarters out of pine cones, melted crayons, and a wick (can’t remember if it was just waxed yarn or something else). There’s never a shortage of broken crayons in the house; as a kid, it was great fun to see those things melt (oddly, every mix of random crayon colors came out pink in the end). Dipping stuff in wax is always entertaining. All our relatives with fireplaces thought they were great (that’s what they kept telling us kiddos, anyway).

  • I had forgotten about sock puppets until I saw the photo in this post. We used to have a lot of fun with my mom’s stray sock basket!

  • reb

    I loved anything having to do with papier-mache when I was a kid. 🙂

  • JC

    This looks perfect for those of us who at not great at coming up with crafts on our own!! 🙂


    Play doh, stickers, coloring, and painting are my daughters favorite. We do Thanksgiving turkeys with her hands every year. Amazing to see the size of her hands grow.

  • We recently surprised the kids with butcher paper and crayons already laid out on the kitchen table when they woke up in the morning. They loved coloring over breakfast and we enjoyed their artwork decorating our table. 🙂

  • As a kid I absolutely loved shrinky dinks and make-it-bake-it’s!

  • Mya Burgoon

    I remember making soap balls as a kid with my mother and brother…we did it every year for the State Fair.

  • Leticia

    My 2-year-old daughter loves to dye eggs and rice. She also loves to help me bake! BabbaBox! What a great idea! The hardest part for me is gathering all of the materials and storing leftovers, so this would be terrific for me.

  • Meagan

    I loved making pot holders with my grandmother!

  • Faye

    Play dough is always popular with my toddler.

  • Ang

    Making cards w/ the kids.

  • Lisa

    My favorite crafting memories are of doing handprints for various crafts with my little ones. I love that its a keepsakes of the size of their little hands at that age. I also run an in home daycare so I know the moms love these crafts when we make them and send them home.


  • Tara

    Egg cartons are the source of many fun crafts–most recently, one became a bus for Cozy Critters.

  • Heather

    My daughter loves making paper snowflakes even during our 100 degree summers. 

  • My son, who is turning three in September, and I love to make food for lunch and dinner, but he LOVES to use cookie cutters for anything – making cookies, using them to trace on paper, but he loves to use them in playdough! We sculpt, paint, draw and make all kinds of things with recycled things around the house.

  • What a great idea! A favorite memory from my childhood was when my mom would set us up with glue and paper and scissors and let has have free reign with old magazines. We would clip and stick to our heart’s content, then staple our pages together into little books.

  • Elizabeth

    My 4 y/o loves coloring.  I love talking with him during art time b/c he really opens up to me.

  • Andrea

    My favorite memory is ‘toe painting’ with my twins on hot summer afternoon. Just tape some craft paper to the sidewalk, let them make a huge mess, then clean up in the sprinkler:) 

  • Jesse Narron

    Oops! Plugged in email addy wrong on my first entry… Macaroni pic frame was my fave!

  • Paige

    When my son was not yet two I had my newborn daughter in her seat (a rare, rare moment to not be wearing her) and I unrolled an enormous piece of newsprint on the back porch and let my son, in just a diaper, have a field day with finger paints. It was a moment of rare freedom and liberty for each of us: he loved making the painting, which now hangs in our laundry room still so many years later, she loved watching, fascinated, as her big brother shimmied around, and I loved stepping back and simply enjoying them both. One of my favorite moments from that year.

  • Aimee

    I loved gathering leaves, putting it in wax paper with crayon shavings & ironing it altogether. Third grade, I believe. Thanks for the chance! Sounds like a fun box to keep my boy busy!

  • amy maccaughelty

    When my kids were 4 and 3 we made chrismons out of white foam sheets, glitter, and patterns I found on the internet. We still decorate a small tree ever Christmas with our chrismons…10 years later!

  • Rivkah T

    I love this! I’m not super creative and could use guidance like this. 

    I remember making scrapbooks with my mother when I was about 4. She cut the letters of my name out of yellow construction paper, and pasted them on the cover. I felt sp special. 

  • Michele

    We love finger painting outside. Less mess for me to worry about so we can get really crazy and paint with our fingers and toes!