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Kid-Friendly Activities At Your Door

Kid-Friendly Activities At Your Door

By Rachel Meeks

BabbaBox no longer offers subscription boxes but we list other companies below that do.

A BabbaBox is an activity box that is delivered to you and arrives on your doorstep to help you create, explore, story tell, and connect with your kids.

When asked if I wanted to review a BabbaBox, I took one look at the BabbaCo website, thought that the crafts and enrichment activities would be perfect for my kids, and replied, “Sign me up!”

My kids are two and six years old, and the BabbaBox is designed for kids ages three to six. You can sign up to receive a BabbaBox through a monthly or annual subscription.

When it arrived, the way it is packaged makes me think this would work well as a gift.

As I opened the box, the first thing I noticed is the kid-sized scissors, and thank goodness, because we have scissors, but they always disappear, and this way I wouldn’t have to go looking for them before we could start. The BabbaBox is complete with everything you need to do the crafts and activities, including glue, colored pencils, and even googly eyes.

Each BabbaBox focuses on a monthly theme, and this month’s theme is “feelings.” The activities are designed to help kids express emotions, and the supplemental materials help parents engage with their child as they do the activities together.

This box contains two projects to create: feelings magnets and sock puppets.

My kids loved making the sock puppets. The sock puppet craft is more involved than what I would normally do on my own, but having the materials ready and the step-by-step instructions makes it easy.

Every box has two or three hands-on projects to create together. Both of my kids could participate and share the contents. I was glad there were two sock puppets so they could each make one.

The activity to explore was a creative idea. The kids put on spy glasses to observe other people’s feelings. Our glasses broke as I took them out of the box. The company’s policy is to send a replacement as soon as possible if something in the box is missing or defective, but I just taped them back together. Then the kids ran around and asked people what they were feeling to record it in their feelings journal.

Because there are so many activities and suggestions in a BabbaBox, I think the best way is to focus on one activity per day so you can make the most of it instead of racing through all of them at once.

The book for story telling emphasized caring for other people and empathy. My almost three-year-old was drawn in by the illustrations.

Included with the subscription is an age-appropriate app that you can download for an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch. There is even a bonus gift for mom included inside the box—- a small back massager to take away feelings of stress.

I think my kids would definitely look forward to receiving a package like this in the mail every month full of activities that we can do together.

Since BabbaBox no longer offers craft-based kits (available for single purchase and via subscription), here are some that do: Kid Made Modern, Seedling, Kiwi Crates, and Green Kid Crafts.

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Rachel Meeks

Rachel Meeks is the voice behind the popular blog Small Notebook, a resource for simplifying and organizing your home. (Because it’s so much easier to be a parent when you’re not surrou...

Rachel Meeks is the voice behind the popular blog Small Notebook, a resource for simplifying and organizing your home. (Because it’s so much easier to be a parent when you’re not surrounded by a ton of stuff.)

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