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My question pertains to fall clothing and when exactly a full-on switch should be made to fall clothing/fabrics/accessories over the current summery ones being used. I’m assuming – but this is where I need help – that it depends on the actual temperature of where one resides. I’m from upstate NY, so fall was always very pronounced by now. In DC though, it’s still in the 70s which is fine temperature for summery type clothing. I’m not about to bust out tweeds, cashmere and knee high brown boots but I am 99% sure that I will not be wearing my white linen skirt and pink tank top anytime soon. Given those parameters, is it still ‘safe’ to wear some summer type garments (like say a summer dress) but with a cardigan or sweater with it? If not, what are some good transitional type pieces between summer and fall, when you live in such a mixed climate like DC?
Heather B.

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2 Responses to “Because to Everything There is a Season”

  1. Susan Wagner Oct 18 at 6:24 pm Reply Reply

    I would go even further here, and suggest more deliberately mixing fall pieces with summer basics–toss a cashmere sweater over your sundress or pair a ribbed turtleneck with a cotton skirt; wear both with boots. Or wool trousers with a basic tee and jean jacket (for the layering).
    I also really and truly believe that summer footwear should be put away by now. No flip flops outside the house, no matter how warm it is. Break out the ballet flats. Also, straw bags and other summery tote things should be wrapped up and stored for next year. Even if it IS still 90 degrees.
    Because otherwise, as Amalah so wisely points out, you are That Girl.

  2. Heather Barmore Oct 20 at 2:00 pm Reply Reply

    Oh wise, Amalah, thanks for the advice. Though yeah, the weather has been nice and cool lately, but a few weeks ago, it would randomly be 80 degrees and the next day 65.
    Anyway, thanks again.

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