International MOMS Club
The International MOMS Club is a non-profit group that offers support and social activities for stay-at-home mothers and their children. It has hundreds of local chapters, and you can find your local one at the club website. The club’s name is an acronym for Moms Offering Moms Support.
MomsRising Organization
The MomsRising Organization promotes policies, which support families. Use the website to learn more about the group’s goals, to share your stories in the forums, and to find out how to join or start your own local group.
Mothers & More
Mothers & More is a national organization offering support and advocacy for the caregiver. The group provides a network for mothers who have altered their participation in the paid workplace over the course of the active parenting years. On the group’s website, you’ll find links to local chapters, thought-provoking links to discussions on work/family balance, ways to take action on improving the lives of mothers.
Mothers Movement
The Mothers Movement Online is a collection of “resources and reporting for mothers and others who think about social change.” You’ll find essays, well-thought out opinion pieces and a list of ways you can get involved.
National Association of Mothers’ Centers
The National Association of Mothers’ Centers is a non-profit network of mothering support and education groups across the country. Find a local chapter at the website.
National Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
The largest volunteer child advocacy association in the United States, the National Parent Teacher Association (PTA) web site provides parents with resources to help students be successful, including help on keeping children safe. It also contains information on how to lobby local and state officials successfully on behalf of parent/child issues.
National Partnership for Women and Families
The National Partnership for Women and Families is a non-profit group that promotes the needs of women in the workforce. The Partnership promotes policy changes that allow men and women to meet the needs of work and family.

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