Some news to enjoy with your leftovers.


Happy Day-After-Thanksgiving, Wonderland readers! I’m taking the day off from news-seeking to recover from multiple servings of turducken. That’s right: we had meats crammed into other meats. Somehow, we all survived. Here are some current news items to tide you over until next week. FDA wants warnings on flu drugs for kids. Apparently Tamiflu can […]


Breast milk or alcohol: which is worse for your baby?


Good news, ladies! Binge drinking will not harm your unborn fetus! Balance that 40-ounce on your ballooning midsection, and damn the naysayers! A recent study performed at Oxford University showed that a single incident of binge drinking is not likely to harm a fetus. (Binge drinking, incidentally, is defined as five or more drinks in […]


MRSA: The Worst Halloween Treat Ever


So I was just sitting here in my bathrobe, enjoying my fifth candy bar, when someone knocked on the door, and who could it be but an antibiotic-resistant superbug! AAAIIIIEEEE! MRSA is terrifying everyone, and if you haven’t heard of it, I’m jealous. Stop reading right now and get back to your cave. Anyway, MRSA […]


Lead: the metal enemy.


When I first learned that this is National Lead Poisoning Prevention Week, I was determined to ignore it. Because lead terrifies me. And the primitive monkey part of my brain runs from scary things and then hides under a bush. We live in an ancient house with crumbling windowsills, and every time my son looks […]


My Pink Heaven


Ladies, I have the perfect gift for the young, unformed girl in your life: Hasbro’s Rose Petal Cottage. The Rose Petal Cottage is advertised as part of the “Dream Town collection,” although there’s no other part of this “town” for sale. There are no other homes, no post office or fire station—just a yawning abyss […]


An assortment of news items, semi-coherently presented.


Hello, and welcome to Alice’s Medikal Korner. Where words are misspelled for no reason whatsoever—all in the name of science. Here’s some green tea for you. I don’t care if you don’t like it. It’s good for you. Choke it down. I’m watching. First! Let’s all be happy that we’re not European. A new study […]

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