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Parents Magazine names Alpha Mom a ‘Power Mom’

Parents Magazine’s “” Article.

Kallman’s brainchild combines momcentric lifestyle content, curated posts from other blogs, product reviews, and an “alphamom lab” that matches moms with companies who want their opinions.

Ten Mommy ‘Hood Gurus by Forbes


Ten Mommy ‘Hood Gurus by Forbes’ Kerry Dolan [has] something for every mom: baby names, thoughtful columns about food, even a “guide to everything” (in five easy steps!). If only real life were so simple. But hey, it’s fun to read about how life could be so easy.

GM’s new media: ‘Mommy bloggers’


Detroit News by Laura Berman

Alpha Mom Quoted in Brandweek


Babes in BrandLand By T. L. Stanley

Isabel Kallman echoes this point of view, both as a marketer and a parent. “Parents are smart enough to educate their children,” said Kallman, CEO of Alpha Mom TV, a cable channel aimed at moms and a Web site that covers a raft of family topics. “They have to take the primary responsibility in regulating what kids do. It’s our job to teach our kids about the world.”