Back-to-School: Art Smocks



They say that “play is the work of children,” so it only makes sense that when my son was in preschool, the only school supply he needed was an art smock. Luckily there are so many beauties to choose from. I have to admit, I’m partial to the long-sleeved art smocks seen below.
Art Smocks on the left and center from Bumkins and the ones on the right are from Cattiwampus.
These colorful ones are from one of our favorites, Land of Nod.


We love these Brooklyn made smocks by Petite Violette (thanks Cool Mom Picks).
This one is from Warm Biscuit, a retailer that reminds us a lot of Land of Nod.
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2 Responses to “Back-to-School: Art Smocks”

  1. Everyday Learning Aug 28 at 5:53 pm Reply Reply

    Can we change “art smock” to restaurant wear? Looks much nicer than the typical “strip the kid down because she spilled spaghetti sauce down her shirt” game.

  2. n Feb 20 at 3:11 pm Reply Reply

    The Land of Nod smocks are the best. I love the weight, design and it really covers. The velcro stays on nicely, and it’s perfect for art and cooking. Even my 8 year old son wears my 5 year old’s plaid smock when he helps cook. I am eyeing the splat mat…to tempting, I’ve given them as gifts, and my niece loves it. It’s big, and stain-resistant.

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